To the gentleman standing outside the post office with the “Abortion Is Satanic” sign:

You claim that God told you to stand outside a busy post office with that sign and I tend to doubt this. Why do I doubt this? Because the post office is not an abortion clinic and when I suggested to you nicely that you tone down your rhetoric, you attempted rudely to mansplain the issue to me.

Nope… I don’t have a pro-life story at all…

Me post-partum.

None at all…

Me with my squirt on Day 2 of his life.

Dude, I live the pro-life story on a daily basis with a kid who has been described by an ex-family member as “the Planned Parenthood poster child” (this person will be out of my life soon) and who was the deciding factor in me becoming pro-life. Yes, abortion is horrible and I pray for an end to it… but it isn’t as black and white as people on both sides make it out to be. I know people who have had them because it was their only option at the time, who were raped and become pregnant as a result, and have had conversations with them where they have shown me their very raw sadness because they know I will listen. When these women see signs like yours, their shame surfaces again and much of their healing is undone. Don’t do that to them.

Telling me that I am of Satan and that I need to read my Bible more does not indicate that you are right. It indicates that you are behaving like a rear sphincter opening and wouldn’t know the voice of God even if God was standing next to you screaming at you with a megaphone. God hates abortion, but God loves the woman who has one and yearns for their return to Him and to wholeness. Your actions undo all of that.

Hugs and kisses,

The pro-life “Satanist” who refused to abort her baby and who almost died carrying him

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 11, 2017

For Today… December 11, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny. It’s in the 40’s but doesn’t really feel that bad out.

I am thinking… about things related to my divorce. I have various things to send to my attorney.

I am thankful… my allergy testing is over. My forearms and my left shoulder are covered with welts but those should go down soon. I’m also allowed to take all my meds again.

One of my favorite things… having the house to myself.

I am wearing… short-sleeved flag tee from Old Navy and black jeans. They needed access to my forearms and left shoulder today for the test so they asked me not to wear long sleeves.

I am creating… socks.

I am listening to… Loreena McKennitt.

I am hoping… to sleep better tonight.

I am learning… about various types of chronic pain.

In my kitchen… making lasagna, bread, and cookies to take to a friend tomorrow who just had a baby.

In the school room… Daniel is getting more and more verbal. His teachers are smitten with him.

Post Script… Regarding the war on Christmas.

Shared Quote…

Nice kitty...

A moment from my day… This was our gradual hymn yesterday. I could totally hear Loreena McKennitt recording it.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 3, 2017

For Today… December 3, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny. We had some rain as church was ending but it looks like that has passed over us. I’m glad I had my coffee this morning because the weather change can be a migraine trigger and caffeine helps with it.

I am thinking… about my Comprehensive Problem quiz for my Sage class. When it submitted yesterday evening, it claimed that I got 10/50. Either my server burped and deleted answers or the computer scored it incorrectly. Unfortunately, I don’t know if my instructor is going to look at it before Friday. (It’s due at 11:55 p.m. on Thursday night.)

I am thankful… to pretty much be done with work for the quarter. I’m just waiting for a teammate to post her presentation so I can comment on it and then I will be done!

One of my favorite things… when my escape room game actually cooperates with me.

I am wearing… jammies. Church attire today was a charcoal-colored long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, and black flats. I traded my slacks for jeans later on.

I am creating… nothing.

I am listening to… Fernando Ortega’s music.

I am hoping… my Comprehensive Problem quiz gets corrected in my favor.

I am learning… how to solve puzzles in the escape room games.

In my kitchen… nothing. My grandmother had a fall so no family dinners for a few weeks. I made do with a quesadilla and salsa tonight.

In the school room… Daniel’s speech is exploding.

Post Script… Jimmy Kimmel invites Roy Moore to put up or shut up when it comes to his Christian faith.

Shared Quote… From a gentleman at my church:

An apology from a man.

It’s problematic for me because this gentleman has *ALWAYS* treated me with the utmost respect. He shouldn’t have to apologize on behalf of his gender. He was further saddened when he learned that I have a #MeToo story (actually more than one).

A moment from my day… A favorite setting of the Magnificat.

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7 Quick Takes: Coming Up On Advent Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

*facepalms* I swear… the following exchange takes place at least weekly:

Me: “45 can’t get more offensive than he did with [insert event].
45: “Hold my beer.”

Monday’s embarrassment to the country: calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”… while meeting with Navajo code-talkers from WWII… while standing under a portrait of Andrew Jackson.

The Navajo Nation was not amused by this. Even better, Peter McDonald, the president of the Navajo Code Talkers, gave a beautiful speech talking about diversity making us stronger.

— 2 —

Pain is part of life. Emily DeArdo wrote a beautiful piece on the fiction of a painless life. It is definitely recommended reading, especially in light of all the “wrongful birth” lawsuits going on.

— 3 —

Holy moly. First Matt Lauer, then Garrison Keillor. Part of me wants to deny this and think this must be a witch hunt, but when you hear the details of what allegedly happened, it does appear that both of them (and everyone else) behaved improperly in some way/shape/form. Denying it, however, doesn’t fix the fact that something big had to have happened and it also invalidates the experience of anyone who has a “why me” story, myself included. I almost want to agree with Mike Pence in not being alone with a member of the opposite sex ever, but that’s also not the answer. (Not to mention, there’s nothing wrong with a meeting in a public place like Panera for something like strategic planning.)

— 4 —

Pope Francis’s words on healing. I don’t think a devotion to Christ’s wounds will fix every wound life throws at me, but it’s an interesting thought.

— 5 —

Online meetings. My Quick Takes are going up an hour late because I had to host an online meeting for school. Thankfully, it went well. 🙂 Zoom (the platform we used) is pretty cool.

— 6 —

Advent calendar fun. A few weeks ago, I posted about Jacquie Lawson and my fairy godmother (one of my mom’s college friends) sent me one of her alpine calendars this year. Yay!!!

— 7 —

Some lovely Advent music. For those looking for excellent Advent music, I offer my Advent playlist.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 26, 2017

For Today… November 26, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was cold and rainy here today, something that is not good for those in the area who are dealing with flooding at the moment.

I am thinking… about my last bits of work for the quarter. I’m done with my PE class and I have two assignments left for Sage, and four left for Electronic Communications.

I am thankful… for not only passing my challenge test for Business English but also getting an A on it. Hermione is satisfied.

One of my favorite things… worship with my people at St. Paul’s.

I am wearing… jammies. Church clothes were a long-sleeved burgundy shirt, black slacks, and black flats. I switched out my slacks for jeans when I got home.

I am creating… documents for Sage.

I am reading… mostly Reddit these days.

I am hoping… to get as much as I can done tomorrow.

I am learning… payroll procedures in Sage.

In my kitchen… my dad will be making turkey enchiladas in the next couple of days.

In the school room… Daniel is happy to be headed back to school tomorrow after a 4-day weekend. Mama is also happy about this!

Post Script… something for geography geeks like me!

Shared Quote… my thanks to Sweatpants and Coffee for this one.

Being vulnerable...

A moment from my day… my favorite hymn for today (Christ the King Sunday).

Closing Notes: I’m hoping we sing this Trisagion during Advent…

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7 Quick Takes: Snarksgiving Edition

7 Quick Takes

It’s 1:30 a.m. on Black Friday and I’m up with stomach upset. (I hate Thanksgiving food for a reason.) Since I’m feeling grumpy about my icky tummy, here are the things that I am snarkily thankful for this year.

— 1 —

$tarbux cups. Because apparently, $tarbux is engaging in a massive conspiracy to erode family values by putting two hands holding each other on their Christmas cup… and those two hands might belong to a lesbian couple! I’m making sure to patronize them as *MUCH* as possible because I believe in doing my part to piss off the Religious Right at the expense of my stomach lining. 😀 (I can’t actually drink hot coffee, even diluted with milk, so my mom has been getting LOTS of coffee bought for her since the controversy started.)

— 2 —

45’s blunders. Having a complete moron as president has done *WONDERS* to bring the Democrats together and even bring some Republicans over to our side because they don’t want to be associated with our imbecilic president.

— 3 —

Living in a navy blue part of a blue state. My state has bit its thumb at 45 and his minions, and thankfully has legislation in place that would likely protect Daniel and me from any havoc 45 tries to wreak upon our lives.

— 4 —

Actual weather. Rain and strong winds are *FAR* superior to the boring sunshine and heat in southern California! (I will take the rain any day over 100+ F heat.) When I lived down there between 2010-2011, reading the L.L. Bean catalog used to depress me because I missed real autumns.

— 5 —

My sub-par Target. Having such a dismal Target in the area has made me more interested in patronizing Fred Meyer, a more local option.

— 6 —

The Women’s March. I never knew how awesome it was to wear a hot pink hat with cat ears while pissing off fat white men in MAGA hats until now! Not to mention, 45’s inauguration was a tiny crowd compared to the *MILLIONS* of people who marched on *SEVEN* continents.

— 7 —

My lack of sleep. It necessitates extra creativity on my part.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 20, 2017

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was pretty nice today after yesterday’s windstorm and rain. I think it was probably in the 40’s today?

I am thinking… about my homework schedule this week.

I am thankful… the worst of the rain and wind held off until after the burial for Chad’s grandmother yesterday. I was getting blown around like a rag doll driving home but it isn’t as bad as it was later in the afternoon and evening.

One of my favorite things… the golden light from the sunset today.

I am wearing… burgundy long-sleeved shirt and black jeans.

I am creating… entries in my Christmas card database.

I am reading… about this week’s lesson in my Sage50 textbook.

I am hoping… my Sage instructor gives me back some points lost on my last quiz due to a computer mix-up.

I am learning… about best practices for online meetings.

In my kitchen… Dad made steak last night and the three of us (my parents and me) had a small family dinner due to the weather and Thanksgiving happening on Thursday.

In the school room… Daniel is using more and more language.

Post Script… I’m touched by the witness of Debra Tate who said a prayer for the soul of Charles Manson, her sister’s murderer after his death.

A moment from my day… The hymn sung at the burial yesterday.

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