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Saying Grace (Repost)

I wrote this in June 2003 but I refer people to it enough that I thought it deserved to be re-posted. In small group tonight, we were talking about prayer and witnessing before diving into the Book of Revelation. One of the contexts given was saying grace in a public place like a restaurant and …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 19, 2019

For Today… May 19, 2019 Looking out my window… sunny and in the 60’s. I am thinking… about the Document Production homework on which I am procrastinating. I am thankful… for my evil twin, his wife, and their critter coming up this weekend for the communal birthday celebration. We (the evil twin and me) turn …
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Rachel Held Evans

I got word from Sarah Bessey, one of the organizers of Rachel’s GoFundMe, that Rachel died early this morning. According to the updates her husband Dan had been posting on her blog: Rachel was slowly weaned from the coma medication. Her seizures returned but at a reduced rate. There were periods of time where she …
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7 Quick Takes: Jen Is Busy Edition

— 1 — Happy news. Someone from Reddit shared this link with me. I have it bookmarked to show to students who are having a freak-out at what they’re doing in drop-in tutoring. — 2 — An update on Rachel Held Evans. According to Rachel’s husband Dan, they’re currently weaning her off her coma meds. …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: April 28, 2019

For Today… April 28, 2019 Looking out my window… sunny and in the low 50’s. I am thinking… about my Document Production homework. Bleh. I am thankful… for my amazing church and worship today. After spending a period of time sitting in church and wanting to be anywhere else but there, it’s wonderful to be …
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