The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 2, 2018

For Today… December 2, 2018 Looking out my window… dark. It was sunny, but chilly today. I am thinking… about how to work it so that I get the maximum number of assessments done on the computers in F110 for Keyboarding. I tend to be faster on those than on my laptop. I am thankful… …
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7 Quick Takes: VBS Edition

I’ve been helping Resurreccion with VBS this week. Here are the highlights! — 1 — Being able to be useful. I’m one of the few native Californians that doesn’t speak Spanish (I understand it but can’t speak it) and there was already a church youth group doing the program so I offered to just be …
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7 Quick Takes: First Week of School Edition

— 1 — My Practical Accounting class. I love the class so much that I made myself late for choir practice last night so I could get the worksheet of class examples to balance. (The fact that Mount Vernon has the crappiest way of doing street repairs and closures also made me late because a …
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7 Quick Takes: Is The Week Over Yet????

— 1 — The Pope and female deacons. I’m seeing some flipping out over the announcement by the National Catholic Reporter that the Pope is creating a commission to study women deacons. Yeah… not a world-changing issue. If the Pope does anything, the result will probably look like what deaconesses do in the LCMS, effectively …
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7 Quick Takes: Please Iz Can It Be Caturday?!?!?!?!?

— 1 — A quickie explanation of the Protestant Reformation. This is seriously cracking me up but it is historically accurate. — 2 — Interesting pastor bios. I’m greatly amused at what came about from the #realclergybios hashtag on Twitter. Some were funny, some were serious, and all were pretty realistic. — 3 — An …
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