The Simple Woman’s Daybook: June 14, 2017

For Today… June 14, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… cloudy. We had a little bit of sun but it got cold again.

I am thinking… about how I will structure my classwork this summer. I have an online class on interpersonal communications

I am thankful… that the Warriors annihilated the Cavs in the NBA championships. I’m a Bay Area native and I hate all Cleveland sports teams so I’m positively gleeful. This also means that my boys have avenged their loss in the championships last year. ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my favorite things… clean sheets. I just made my bed with fresh sheets and am loving it. (It’s laundry day for Daniel and me.)

I am wearing… a long-sleeved berry colored shirt from Old Navy and jeans from Kohl’s.

I am creating… this entry. I turned my last PowerPoint presentation in last night and am DONE with everything for the quarter.

I am reading… Wedding Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke.

I am hoping… for a calm and quiet evening tonight.

In my kitchen… not sure what I’ll do for dinner tonight.

In the school room… Daniel finishes school for the year on Friday.

Post Script… this is from March but it’s still amazing.

Shared Quote… “I’m not going to light myself on fire to keep you warm.” — something from a page on dealing with people who have narcissistic personality disorder like this blog’s troll does.

A moment from my day… my favorite hymn from Sunday.

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7 Quick Takes: Staring At a Blank Wall Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

End of the quarter. I am two tests, two quizzes, a discussion post, a report, and an amended PowerPoint presentation away from being done with the quarter. The quizzes, discussion post, and report will be tackled on Sunday. PowerPoint will be amended either tomorrow or Saturday. The tests will be taken on Monday and Tuesday. After that, I AM DONE!!!

— 2 —

Parenting advice. Parenting advice has indeed changed.

— 3 —

An interesting idea. Crocheted water balloons? What a novel idea!

— 4 —

Unbelievable. I’ve been getting a lot of “On This Day” things on Facebook about Daniel this week because it has been 8 years (as of the 7th) since we were able to bring him home from the hospital. It’s so amazing to think that my tiny baby is now only a foot shorter than I am!

— 5 —

Getting fur out of my keyboard. Homer, my gorgeous grey loaner cat, is being extra affectionate tonight which is wonderful… except that my keyboard now has quite a bit of fur in it! *goes off to find a can of compressed air to clean it*

— 6 —

Trinity fun. Some fun because this Sunday is Trinity Sunday…

— 7 —

Sports take. Go Dubs!!!! Sweep the Cavs!!!!

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7 Quick Takes: Church Invitations, Rich Mullins, and Spring Training

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Holy being vulnerable, Batman! A guy in my Accounting class and I have been talking about faith things so I asked him if he wanted to come to church with me on Sunday… by passing him a note with the name, address, and worship time for my church and the words “let’s pretend I actually had the guts to say this in person” on it.

Yeah… I’m really that awkward. Thankfully, he’s interested in possibly coming.

— 2 —

Rich Mullins. A few nights ago, I was answering a Reddit question on my favorite song lyrics that mean something to me and I had to look up the lyrics for chorus of “If I Stand”. That led to listening to a bunch of Rich Mullins songs that I really love as well as a few Third Day ones.

— 3 —

Hit by holy 2×4. I was sitting in my Accounting classroom alone on Tuesday afternoon doing homework when I was hit by the strong feeling that I needed to be praying for my classmates. I spent some time praying for the people whose needs I knew… and learned about a whole host of other ones this morning. I think it’s probably a good thing that I’m open to the smackings upside the head of the Holy Spirit.

— 4 —

Invoicing Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Said congressional rep accused the protestors at his town hall of being “paid protestors” so people are invoicing him for their time at the protest. I shouldn’t be laughing… but I am.

— 5 —

Why Trump’s immigrant ban is anti-Biblical. I am very fond of this video from James Martin, S.J.

— 6 —

Prerequisite baseball take. SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED! SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED! SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED! *cheers on the Giants and boos the Dodgers*

— 7 —

Change in practice. I’m not raffling off the right to pick my Lenten discipline this year. I know what I’ll be doing but I won’t be revealing it until Ash Wednesday.

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Highlights of 2016

It has admittedly been a tough year for me in my personal life and in the life of our country but I thought I’d end this year with my highlights.

[+] The Warriors had the best record in the NBA and made it to the NBA Championships AGAIN!!!

[+] CLEVELAND LOST THE WORLD SERIES!!! (For those who aren’t aware, hating on Ohio sports teams is one of my core values after living in central Ohio for 2 1/2 years and dealing with Ohio sports fans hating on my teams.) My Warriors have been avenged!!!

[+] The Cubs had one of the biggest gatherings in human history for their victory parade. Not to mention, the Cubs winning the Series is so much of a BETTER ending than it would be if Cleveland had won because the Cubs have had the longer drought and were a much better team.

[+] I achieved one of my dreams of living in Washington when I moved up here in June 2016.

[+] Hillary Clinton was the first female to win the nomination of a major political party and won the popular vote.

[+] I was able to go back to school this fall, discovered a deep love of Accounting, and had a 4.0 for my first quarter!

[+] My Huskies made it to the semi-final game against Alabama!

[+] My Giants made it to the play-offs.


[+] MY NINERS HAVE A BETTER RECORD THAN THE CLEVELAND BROWNS! (Granted, they have the second worst record in the NFL but at least they’re better than the Browns.)

[+] I rocked the Write 31 Days challenge!

[+] I got a Fitbit (finally!!!!) and won a few challenges.

[+] I got to introduce my little beach boy to snow!

[+] I discovered that my school district here in Washington had a YUGE team ready to work with Daniel when we arrived. TWELVE PEOPLE were at the IEP meeting SPECIFICALLY for Daniel. His PT and OT were at his parent-teacher conference and are positively smitten with my little monster. ๐Ÿ™‚

[+] I joined a FABULOUS parish up here. I’m seriously still being sustained by the joy from the Christ Mass on Christmas Eve night.

[+] Daniel WILLINGLY takes his ADHD meds without us having to restrain him. He just asked for peanut butter and meds. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Granted, he asked for M&M’s two seconds after getting his meds but I’ll allow that.)

I’m looking forward to a FABULOUS 2017!

7 Quick Takes: More Asthma Exacerbation Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Sigh… Trick-or-treating on my cul-de-sac almost killed me because of asthma exacerbation (thank God Daniel only wanted to do five houses!) and I had to stay home from class on Tuesday to rest my lungs. I hate missing class but I also didn’t want to be puking from the asthma attack I would get from walking to the classroom from my car. Thankfully, it wasn’t a quiz day so I didn’t lose points for being absent.

— 2 —

World Series. My back-up boys have prevailed and Cleveland is back to stinking at sports! My only regret is that the Cubs didn’t sweep them; but at least they triumphed in Game 7 while playing *IN* Cleveland. (For those who are wondering, I hate all Cleveland sports teams and root against them at every turn. Thank various seminary classmates and obnoxious bloggers for this one.) Here’s hoping this is the beginning of some baseball dominance for the Cubs! They definitely deserve it. I’m so excited for my Illinois friends who are headed to a victory parade that has been a long time in coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

And seriously, the rain delay was a joke. These men are being paid millions of dollars — if volunteer softball teams can play in the rain and football teams can play in -20F weather with blowing snow, baseball players can man up and play in the rain! I mean, are they going to melt?

— 3 —

The Write 31 Days challenge. I have prevailed over the Write 31 Days challenge! I need to do one more post aggregating all of the resources I linked but I’m glad I managed to write every day in October, even when I really didn’t want to write or when I was bogged down with homework.

— 4 —

Daniel and ENT fun. The munchkin had an early ENT appointment on Wednesday and was pretty good until we had to restrain him so that the doctor could examine his ears under the microscope. (To be fair, I’d hate to be restrained and have someone poking things into various orifices so I don’t really blame him.) He’s got serious ear wax preventing them from being able to do a decent exam and they couldn’t get it out so they’re going to have to sedate him to clean it out. This should be… interesting.

— 5 —

Election blah. I am so sick of the election that I’m pausing and then fast-forwarding through anything election-related on TV. I voted almost three weeks ago because everyone registered in Washington gets their ballot in the mail and they can choose to mail it back or drop it off in person. Seriously, there should be some chip in the ballot that automatically gets rid of political ads and all political content from TV once a person votes because this is too much.

— 6 —

Interesting… A small town in Macedonia has become a hub for pro-Trump websites. It’s a bit disturbing that Macedonian people are profiting off our electoral dysfunction.

— 7 —

*facepalm* I heard from one of my favorite $tarbux baristas that she had people whining about not having eggnog lattรฉs on Halloween and that there’s some controversy about the green pre-holidays cup. Seriously?!?!?!?!? Eggnog lattรฉs are foul-tasting and it’s not like it’s even Advent yet, let alone Christmas.

Some people seriously destroy my faith in humanity and I’m not even talking about Trump supporters with this one!

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: October 30, 2016

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… a little cloudy and chilly. It hasn’t even broken 50F yet today!

I am thinking… about what to blog on for today in the Write 31 Days challenge.

I am thankful… for a few minutes of quiet after getting home from church. Mom took Daniel to Fred Meyer and they aren’t back yet.

One of my favorite things… good choral music. We sang this for the Offertory this morning.

I am wearing… an indigo shirt and jeans. For church, I switched out my jeans for my black paisley skirt.

I am creating… Access databases.

I am listening to… various songs by NEEDTOBREATHE.

I am hoping… the Cubs win the next three World Series games. I hate all Cleveland sports teams and am wondering what deal they made with Satan for two of their teams to be doing as well as they are this year. (Usually, their teams are a joke.)

I am learning… about how to journalize and post closing entries in Practical Accounting.

In my kitchen… not sure if we’re having “family dinner” tonight with just the four of us but I’m kind of hoping we are.

In the school room… Daniel continues to do really well with his program.

Post Script… it’s Reformation Sunday today so I’m sharing the Reformation Polka.

Shared Quote…

Spider fun!

A moment from my day… My latest addiction:

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