The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 18, 2018

For Today… September 18, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny and quite nice. It’s around 60F here and I’m liking it.

I am thinking… about the learning objectives I have to write for my internship this fall… and finding that I am at a loss for words. *sighs*

I am thankful… for two quiet days with Daniel in school. I’ve slept a lot and am starting to get the hang of Daniel’s school schedule and fitting the tube feeds in around it.

One of my favorite things… soft little black kittens who have motors like jet engines. 🙂

I am wearing… charcoal grey shirt and jeans “capris” which are more like regular jeans on me! #shortpeopleproblems

I am creating… letters.

I am reading… Inspired by Rachel Held Evans still.

I am hoping… for a peaceful night with Daniel tonight and that I can get dinner before too late. (Thank God for Trader Joe’s!)

I am learning… patience.

In my kitchen… I will probably just heat up frozen food for myself tonight.

In the school room… Daniel is loving being back at school.

Post Script… this is pretty interesting in terms of seeing how Catholicism is the same and different all over the world. (HT: Fr. James Martin, S.J.)

Shared Quote… “The church is not a group of people who believe all the same things; the church is a group of people caught up in the same story, with Jesus at the center.” — Rachel Held Evans

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7 Quick Takes: Jen Is Dead Tired Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Prayer request. Fulton, the son of our hostess-with-the-mostest Kelly, had spinal fusion surgery on Tuesday. He’s doing better but he’s still not a happy little panda. (Spines get stabby when you correct them.) Could y’all please keep him and his parents in your prayers?


— 2 —

Another prayer request. Daniel has some granulation tissue around the stoma where his g-tube is. It started bleeding today. Could you please pray it’s nothing serious? (I’m waiting for a call back from Seattle Children’s that I might not get until Monday.)

— 3 —

Too funny. A reading from Rachel Held Evans:

When it comes to processing these troubling stories [referring to the passages in the Book of Joshua about conquest and killing women and children], there are generally three types of people: (1) those who accept without question that God ordered the military campaigns in Canaan and has likely supported others throughout history, (2) those who are so troubled by the notion of God condoning ethnic cleansing that it strains their faith or compels them to abandon it, (3) those who can name all of the Kardashian sisters and are probably happier for it.

It was a lovely passage I read while on the way back from Audiology today.

— 4 —

Bumper stickers. I have a Dump Trump bumper sticker on my car. (It and my other bumper stickers are currently covered with duct-tape because we have the lone Trump supporter in our family coming over for dinner tonight — we love him even if he is a snowflake.) Shortly after I got it, a neighbor came up to my mom to ask if it was mine. Mom replied that it was and was inwardly cringing that I might have offended the neighbors.

It turns out that he was asking because he wanted one and hadn’t been able to find where to get one. He’s Internet-phobic so I ordered him one off of NorthernSun.Com the next time I made an order. He loved it and his wife asked if they could pay me for it. I told them “no” because I love them and it was cheap. Their next question: “Can we make a donation to the Democratic Party in your honor?”

My response: “Absolutely!” 😀

— 5 —

Music take #1. It’s Holy Cross Day so…

— 6 —

Music take #2. For all those who are being forced to watch the Baby Shark videos, this is the CORRECT way to do it:

— 7 —

Music take #3. Need a palate cleanser after that last take? Here you go:

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 11, 2018

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was sunny today, but I’d be happy with rain again.

I am thinking… about the church mission statements I have been researching for the Vestry.

I am thankful… for the naptime I got today, considering that I’ve been getting up at 6 to medicate my kid and do his morning tube feed.

One of my favorite things… cold drinks. I prefer pretty much everything I drink to be cold year-round.

I am wearing… jammies. Clothes for today were a green shirt and dark wash denim capris.

I am creating… characters, places, and plotlines for my NaNo piece.

I am reading… Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans. It’s the chapter on Deliverance Stories and I’m enjoying it immensely.

I am hoping… I can get my internship paperwork together sooner than later.

I am learning… how to keep Daniel from puking up his feeds.

In my kitchen… Dad made sauce and pasta from scratch a few nights ago. It was awesome.

In the school room… Daniel is back to school and loving it.

Post Script… This is fun to watch.

Shared Quote… “Of course, the fact that a single biblical text can mean many things doesn’t mean it can mean anything. Slave traders justified the exploitation of black people by claiming the curse on Noah’s son Ham rendered all Africans subhuman. Many Puritans and pioneers appealed to the stories of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan to support attacks on indigenous populations. More recently, I’ve heard Christians shrug off sins committed by American politicians because King David assaulted women too. Anytime the Bible is used to justify the oppression and exploitation of others, we have strayed far from the God who brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, “out of the land of slavery” (Exodus 20:2).” —Rachel Held Evans

A moment from my day… The altar flowers on Sunday in memory of my grandfather whose 100th birthday would have been Thursday. Ich liebe dich, Opa.

The altar with the flowers
A close-up of one bouquet
A close-up of one bouquet

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7 Quick Takes: Live PD Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Live PD. I have an addiction to cop shows and some friends turned me on to Live PD. My parents roll their eyes at it, but it keeps me entertained.

— 2 —

Answering G-tube questions. Reader mbmom11 left me the following feedback:

I’d be interested. I can’t imagine how it works to get a non-cooperative kiddo to sit still for a feed. And if the kiddo feels better after having been on feeds for a few days. Thank you for sharing your experience!

This is an easy answer: Daniel doesn’t mind feeds and he doesn’t have to sit still for more than one minute while I get him hooked up. The feeding pump and bolus fit in a small backpack so as long as he’s careful about the tube staying connected, he can do quite a bit while the feed is going on. Usually, we are on my bed and he is playing with his tablet.

I’ll get an entry showing the step-by-step process done one of these days.

— 3 —

Check-up. We had a bunch of check-ups and a feeding therapy appointment in Seattle on Tuesday and Wednesday. The good news is that Daniel gained more than they were hoping for, so they’ve cut the number of feedings per day from 3 to 2. This makes my life SOOOOOO much easier.

— 4 —

Minion update. My little black monster is getting bigger and being my snuggle buddy at night as well as when he’s not in berserker mode. I keep some empty reusable shopping bags in my room for him to attack and sleep in. Occasionally, he’ll be asleep in one with just his long black tail sticking out.

My mom keeps commenting that his tail is 3 inches too long and his ears are too big. I keep reminding her that he uses his tail for balance when he jumps from the table to the counter.

— 5 —

Health System Portals. My local health system has an Internet portal that can be used to email doctors, send in prescription refill requests, etc. It’s a wonderful thing because I can actually have conversations with my health providers over it and it means that there is a record of communication.

When we were at Seattle Children’s this past week, they mentioned that they had one and I just about jumped for joy. It is going to be so helpful to not have to play message tag with providers there, and I think this will be useful for autism and g-tube stuff this fall.

— 6 —

Language-learning websites. I just want to highly recommend Duolingo again if you want to learn a language. I’m loving the site for my Spanish studies this summer, I’m using to review my French, and I’m even dusting off my Hebrew! (Pretty sure this is going to work better than my Hebrew class in seminary did!) I can’t wait for their Arabic course to hatch!

— 7 —

Tetelestai. A prayer for these days…

Into your hands, O merciful Savior, we commend your servant, John McCain. Acknowledge, we humbly beseech you, a sheep of your own fold, a lamb of your own flock, a sinner of your own redeeming. Receive him into the arms of your mercy, into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the glorious company of the saints in light. Amen.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: August 19, 2018

For Today… August 19, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… smoky. We’ve got smoke coming in from all directions and it’s cloudy with a yellowish tint. My throat has been really aggravated by the air, but I guess it’s the new reality thanks to climate change creating drier summers.

I am thinking… about the metaphorical spinning plates I have on sticks that I’m balancing en pointe on one foot. In other words, I have a number of things demanding my attention that I am trying to balance, and I’m feeling the stress of it all.

I am thankful… Daniel’s incision does not seem to be infected per the ER doctor last night and the surgeon I spoke to on the phone this morning. I’m still keeping a close eye on it until we have our post-op appointment with general surgery on Tuesday.

One of my favorite things… cold drinks on a warm day. I currently have some Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea next to me.

I am wearing… navy blue fitted shirt and jeans capris. Church clothes were my turquoise/black/white bokeh dress with a black camisole and black leggings underneath.

I am creating… a g-tube blog (still putting it together).

I am listening to… my mom yelling “Kitten! NO!” from her bedroom. I’m pretty sure a certain black beast is going to be deposited in my room for reflection time. Silly Minion!

I am hoping… to get decent sleep tonight.

I am learning… what is normal and not normal with g-tube discharge.

In my kitchen… my dad made pasta from scratch and meatballs for dinner.

In the school room… my school district is still bargaining with their teachers over a contract.

Post Script… this is a cute story.

Shared Quote… “While Christians tend to turn to Scripture to end a conversation, Jews turn to Scripture to start a conversation.” – Rachel Held Evans, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again

A moment from my day… our choral prelude this morning:

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7 Quick Takes: Feeding Tube Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Fun with science. This morning, I was hurriedly prepping Daniel’s morning feed and forgot to take the plastic tip off the tubing while I was priming it. The pressure from the feeding pump shot it across the kitchen at my dad. Thankfully, he was amused.

— 2 —

My “helper”. Minion likes to supervise the prep process… sitting next to the parts while I’m prepping them. Did I mention that I do the prep on the kitchen table and that we have a “no kittens on the table” policy? Yep… totally enforced. A step in my prep that gets repeated frequently is “remove the kitten from the work area” and the kitten is thankfully small enough that I can lift him with one hand. (Currently, the little monster is at my feet.)

— 3 —

Lenten meal idea. This looks pretty amazing.

— 4 —

Black Cat Appreciation Day. Black Cat Appreciation Day is today. Minion is, unfortunately, feeling unappreciated because he’s in my room for “reflection time” because he was beating up Jethro. Sorry Little Panther, we don’t want another vet bill for an abscess on Jethro. Not to mention, he’d have to wear an Elizabethan collar and we would laugh at him.

— 5 —

To my Catholic readers. I know some of you are really struggling, especially since some of you know the priests that have been named. I’m keeping you in my prayers.

— 6 —

Done. I just submitted my last assignment for my summer class. Given that I currently have 100% in the class, I’m happy as long as I get a 50% or higher on the assignment so that I end up with a flat A. (The college doesn’t do A-plusses.) I mean, having a solid 100% in the class would be an ego booster, but I’m happy as long as I keep my 3.99 GPA.

— 7 —

Another blog. I’m putting a blog together for G-tube things. Would anyone like to see what a feeding entails? Let me know.

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