A few nights ago as I was trying to get Daniel back to sleep, I was trying to get myself back to sleep by planning out how I’d homeschool Daniel for kindergarten. The reason I’d thought about it is that Daniel is developmentally delayed and I was having OMG-is-he-going-to-have-learning-problems?!?!?!? worries. Jon and his sister Joanna were both homeschooled and turned out fine and I was pondering the idea of just homeschooling him for kindergarten or something so he could learn to read, learn his letters, learn his numbers, learn basic addition, etc.

It might be all the “Your Baby Can Read” commercials that bombard us on Qubo but I do worry about Daniel being ready for school, especially since I have no idea where we’ll be once he hits school and what will be available to him as far as preschool and all that.

I was having visions of creating math flashcards out of 3×5 cards, some kind of poster with the letters of the alphabet, and just a bunch of things. We’ve got a pretty decent amount of childrens’ books thanks to my mother-in-law who gave me a huge gift certificate to Amazon.Com for that purpose last year.

For my readers who homeschool your kids: why did you decide to do so and what do you use? There’s no definite plan to homeschool Daniel but I’d love to know what’s out there.

OMG… Ten Years!

It’s pretty hard to believe that I’ve been doing the blogging thing for ten years now. I started my journal as an experiment in the summer of 2000 and have kept it going in one form or another since then. Not all the archives are uploaded — it’s an ongoing project that I work on when I have some extra time and a good Internet connection, both things that are lacking these days.

How My Life Has Changed Since Then: When I started blogging, I was a 20 year old college student living at home over the summer. I was dating this guy I’d met over the Internet and working at Barnes & Noble to pay for books and living expenses. Ten years later, I’m married to that guy (8 years now), living in southern California, have a 15 month old son, and have worked a variety of jobs. I’ve lived in 8 different places in 7 different cities/towns in 4 different states. Oh yeah… I also have 18-24 inches less hair than I did in 2000. 🙂

What Blogging Has Done for My Life: It’s been an *interesting* ten years and blogging has given me an outlet to express my thoughts/frustrations/reflections on everything in my life. In my last year of college, I was meeting Crystal, Krissy, and Eileen for the first time. In 2002, blogging kept me sane when we moved to Newark and I was pretty much stuck in the house all day. I made friends through blogs4God (at that time an Internet Christian blog portal) and became a moderator for them in 2003. When we moved to Minnesota and then to Montana, my blogging people became a portable community that I could take from place to place. In these 10 years, I’ve made some really great friends (some of whom I have been able to meet in person) and been able to be part of some amazing experiences in their lives such as rejoicing when someone was able to adopt their daughter from China and being with a friend (by phone and in spirit) at the death of her brother. When Daniel was born, I had an amazing support system in place to help me deal with my stress, grief, and joy and I had people who held my hand from afar when my grandfather passed away.

How My Faith Has Changed: When I started blogging in 2000, I was a neophyte Christian and trying to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. (Philippians 2:12b) Ten years later, my faith and how I express it has really evolved. When I started blogging, I was attending an Episcopal church at home and a Conservative Baptist church at school. (Being Lutheran was a compromise between the two.) I know now that I am bi-ritual (i.e. I can worship in both liturgical and free-form settings) but that my ultimate preference is liturgy. The parts of the Bible that I thought I understood ten years ago mean something entirely to me now. I would say that I’m more conservative theologically now but I can express that conservatism in a more grace-filled way.

How the Internet Has Changed: I got into blogging relatively early and hand-coded my blog at first. In the intervening time, I’ve used: Livejournal, Greymatter, Moveable Type, and b2/Wordpress. b2/Wordpress has been what I’ve used the longest — 7 years combined with WordPress being about 5 years of that. The blogging thing seemed to catch on around 2003 and a lot of the blogs I used to follow have petered out since then. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, blogging has gotten edged out and I admit that posting to Facebook has made me less likely to blog. On the other hand, blogging is also a way for me to get the junk out (in passworded entries).

What I’m Proud of Having Done: I think the posts I like best are mostly from 2003 and 2004 when I tended to be more reactive and take on more people. Probably my best post was a letter to Dr. Michael Newdow that was cross-posted to blogs4God and caused me to incur the ire of the people at Atheism @ About.Com. I also have some political posts from that time where I took on someone that annoyed me and explained why their point of view was completely and utterly wrong. If nothing else, those posts caused me to figure out a whole lot of diplomatic and polity issues.

What I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done: I probably could have been slightly less vitriolic about my utter dislike and disdain of our ex-president Bush. (Those who knew me back in 2003 are probably laughing hard enough to choke at that statement.)

What I Hope For the Next Ten Years: I hope that we’ll be more settled in a place where Jon has a call and that Daniel will be a happy and healthy 11 year old. I’m not against having more kids but if we do, I’m hoping for a daughter named Hannah Grace. As far as blogging, I hope that I’ll have two Obama administrations to blog through and that whoever follows him is somewhat competent. Peacefulwaters.Org is renewed for the next two years and Grace-Filled.Net will be renewed for at least another year in September. I have no idea what will happen in that time but God-willing, I’ll be blogging through it all.

Seriously Standing in the Need of Prayer

OK… some ways to pray for us right now.

[+] Jobs for Jon and I.? We need the income desperately.

[+] Internet for 24 hours so I can do Blogathon in July.? We don’t have wi-fi at the Snuggery and I need to find a place where I can have Internet consistently from 6 a.m. on the 31st to 6 a.m. on the 1st for Blogathon.

[+] For relief from the severe gastritis and spastic colon that all the stress is causing.

[+] For my father-in-law as he’s dealing with his health challenges.

A Fun Idea

I saw on Fizleglitz yesterday that Lauren got a Postcrossing postcard from Poland. It looked like a cool idea so I signed up, got five addresses, and sent out postcards to Belarus, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, and Norway. I am really looking forward to seeing the places from which my postcards arrive.

Trying to Find Something To Write About…

My lack of updates stems mostly from the fact that there is a whole lot of stuff in my life that I can’t write about because a.) Jon is in the call process and I can’t reveal where we’re interviewing or have interviewed; b.) I keep church drama off of public entries; c.) I’m dead exhausted all the time; and d.) I don’t have anything to say much of the time about my life because it’s pretty much work/Daniel/church drama at the moment.

Here are a couple tidbits that I can mention:

[+] I had so much fun with NaNo this year that I’m going to be writing some murder mysteries based in a small town in Minnesota. Yes, I know Minnesota lost in the poll but I can actually *create* the characters and settings there. I’ve been gone from Ohio too long to set it there and Montana is kind of painful to write about at the moment. I scoured a map of Norway and found a small town called Lesja which will be the name of the town in Minnesota. One of the hard things about creating one there: just about every name that is conceivable has been taken. The main character will be a pastor’s wife who solves mysteries.

[+] We had about a week and a half of -20F and then it got fairly warm again (for Montana) and now we seem to be dropping again. I just checked Weather.Com (which has an interesting headline: “Historic Storm Makes History” — paging the redundancy department!) and it’s actually not supposed to get below 10F.

[+] I’m headed out to Seattle with Daniel on Christmas Eve. We’re meeting my parents at Sea-Tac and then heading north to my grandma’s house. She’s doing well but she’s 89 and I want him to get to meet her. It’s also a chance to show him off to others in the family.