My Sanctity of Life Week Post

I heard on Air1 that it’s Sanctity of Life week and I felt like I should weigh in. (In other words, free posting topic!)

My Sanctity of Life story comes from my pregnancy with Daniel. At one of my appointments, Dr. Awesome asked if I wanted the MSAFP test (it tests for Down’s Syndrome and spina bifida). I didn’t really feel like getting it but Jon wanted it so I gave in. A week later, Dr. Awesome herself left a message on my answering machine at home which was a red flag. (Nurses usually call with test results. Dr. Awesome calling meant something was wrong.) It turns out that the test came back elevated for Down’s Syndrome and they were getting my 3-D ultrasound scheduled in Great Falls ASAP. After getting 5 phone calls in a 10 minute period, my co-workers caught on that there was a problem and a lot of them were freaking out for my sake.

I was more angry because the reason they were getting the ultrasound moved up was so that they could do amniocentisis if need be and abort the baby if the amnio came back showing Down’s Syndrome. Seriously, if Daniel had been born with Down’s Syndrome, we would have been OK with that. He was a WANTED child and would be a LOVED child.

The 3-D ultrasound showed that he was fine (and the “elevated” level was a 1% chance which I wish I’d known — it would have saved a lot of people a lot of worry). The doctor doing the ultrasound (my peri-natalogist Dr. Fabulous) was the one who delivered Daniel two months later so it was good that I had the patient relationship with him.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 10, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY January 10, 2011

Outside my window… sunshine but a touch of chill.

I am thinking… about the nap I’ll hopefully get later. (Daniel got me up at 4:30 a.m.)

I am thankful for… the quiet of $tarbux right now.

From the kitchen… sandwich stuff mostly.

I am wearing… my blue maternity shirt with a scoop-neck and gather at the waist, jeans, and running shoes.

I am creating… a podcast episode.

I am going… to probably take Daniel out and about this afternoon after his nap.

I am reading… one of Mary Daheim’s Alpine mysteries.

I am hoping… things go well this coming Sunday for Jon.

I am hearing… podcasts through my earphones.

Around the house… I don’t even want to think about cleaning.

One of my favorite things… IZZE sparkling blackberry juice/soda.

A few plans for the rest of the week: PT/OT for Daniel and the rest is up in the air.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… Part of a series of Daniel with his yogurt snacks.

Daniel being sneaky.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 1, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY November 1, 2010

Outside my window… nice and sunny. It’s supposed to hit 96 on Wednesday. That is so wrong on many levels.

I am thinking… about my interview later.

I am thankful for… getting to interview for a job I want and can do well.

From the kitchen… probably ramen tonight.

I am wearing… nice shirt w/camisole, black slacks, clogs — interview garb.

I am creating… my NaNoWriMo piece.

I am going… nowhere special this week.

I am reading… Sand Sharks by Margaret Maron.

I am hoping… I get this job.

I am hearing… jazz over the loudspeaker at $tarbux and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Around the house… I have some sweeping to do as well as a humidifier to set up.

One of my favorite things… an iced chai latté.

A few plans for the rest of the week: PT and OT as well as a rheumy appointment on Friday.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… my Wookie last night

My wookie last night.

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A few nights ago as I was trying to get Daniel back to sleep, I was trying to get myself back to sleep by planning out how I’d homeschool Daniel for kindergarten. The reason I’d thought about it is that Daniel is developmentally delayed and I was having OMG-is-he-going-to-have-learning-problems?!?!?!? worries. Jon and his sister Joanna were both homeschooled and turned out fine and I was pondering the idea of just homeschooling him for kindergarten or something so he could learn to read, learn his letters, learn his numbers, learn basic addition, etc.

It might be all the “Your Baby Can Read” commercials that bombard us on Qubo but I do worry about Daniel being ready for school, especially since I have no idea where we’ll be once he hits school and what will be available to him as far as preschool and all that.

I was having visions of creating math flashcards out of 3×5 cards, some kind of poster with the letters of the alphabet, and just a bunch of things. We’ve got a pretty decent amount of childrens’ books thanks to my mother-in-law who gave me a huge gift certificate to Amazon.Com for that purpose last year.

For my readers who homeschool your kids: why did you decide to do so and what do you use? There’s no definite plan to homeschool Daniel but I’d love to know what’s out there.