7 Quick Takes: Why I’m Tired Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

It’s my Friday. I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It was a pretty intense week because finals have been released and students are panicking. I can’t help any of them other than pointing out what they are allowed to use if they get stuck. Thankfully, one of the instructors was present on campus today and her office is right off my classroom. She chose to give one person a lot of help, which is great — it’s her final, not mine.

— 2 —

My child is communicating in shrieks this week. We’re really hoping the bio-behavioral therapy people get us in sooner than later.

— 3 —

I’m not sleeping well. Between the cold messing with my arthritis and having an IBS flare-up this week, sleep has eluded me.

— 4 —

I’ve been trying to get some internship hours. My internship paperwork is due tomorrow. Thankfully, I got all of my hours done and submitted my paperwork this afternoon.

— 5 —

My bed keeps breaking. IKEA has crappy bed design, and the slats keep jumping out of track.

— 6 —

I’ve been worrying about one of my students. She was having contractions and coughing up a lung last week. She sounded better on Tuesday, and they induced her today. Thankfully, her daughter is here and they are doing very well. 🙂

— 7 —

I keep having things in the mornings. Kiddo has a hearing aid fitting tomorrow morning and then I have Finance Committee. I have to be out the door at 7:30 a.m. Oh freaking joy.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 5, 2017

For Today… September 5, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… smoky from all the fires in the west.

I am thinking… about tomorrow morning and the process to get ready and get Daniel on his bus with all his school supplies.

I am thankful… that when my mom offered to replace my laptop for Christmas two years ago, she got me a Geek Squad protection plan. My little miscreant removed part of my CD-ROM so it is currently off being repaired free of charge and I am typing this on my NOOK tablet!

One of my favorite things… rain. I hope we get some soon!

I am wearing… my black “Nevertheless, she persisted” shirt and black jeans.

I am creating… nothing at the moment.

I am listening to… the A/C because it is too smoky to have windows open.

I am hoping… the nighttime Dimatapp knocks Daniel out and my Benadryl does the same.

I am learning… Business English stuff for the challenge test I have to take this quarter.

In my kitchen… some chow mein and leftover Chinese pork.

In the school room… Daniel is chomping at the bit to go back tomorrow!

Shared Quote… “Comparison is the thief of joy.” –Theodore Roosevelt

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7 Quick Takes: Sick As A Dog Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Prayer Request. Yesterday, I got hit with the crud Daniel had last week as well as a severe fibromyalgia flare-up. The pain was so bad that I was almost in tears. I’m slightly better today but I had to miss class to sleep off the Flexeril I had to take to try and help with my achy joints and muscles. If you could pray for some healing for me, I would appreciate it. 🙂

— 2 —

Voting early and voting often. I got my absentee ballot in the mail on Monday and voted immediately, tossing it in the mail on my way to campus on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the mainstream media didn’t get my message that they could cancel the debate last night and as well as all the political discussion because I had already voted.

— 3 —

Speaking of the debate… Having the debate between Clinton and Trump was kind of pointless because I really don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t decided between those two. A more helpful thing would have been to have the debate between Jill Stein, Evan McMullin, and Gary Johnson — you know, the third party candidates that a lot of people are considering because they can’t fathom voting for Trump or Clinton.

— 4 —

Doing your devotions. Jessica talked this week about how she has her devotions. Mine really depend on the day and what’s going on but I’d love to know what all y’all do. Leave me a comment or email me and let me know!

— 5 —

A day in my life with Daniel. I blogged about a day in my life with Daniel yesterday. It’s slightly atypical in that I’m not usually in my jammies so early in the day, I don’t usually spend that much time in bed, and I usually have choir on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was Day 1 of me being sicker than sick so I had to bow out of choir.

— 6 —

New glasses. I ordered my new glasses from Firmoo on Friday and they arrived in the mail yesterday! I cannot say enough that is positive about Firmoo — they have been a wonderful company with whom to work.

Glasses #1
Glasses #2

— 7 —

Astonished. I got another 98% on my Accounting test on Monday. (I missed a 2-point question on a definition.) Considering how mathphobic I used to be, I’m laughing at how much I am enjoying this. I even worked on Accounting homework while sick in bed last night!

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31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs: A Day in My Life with Daniel


31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs

I thought it might be a good idea to show you what my day with Daniel looks like at the moment so you can get a sense of his routine, etc. I’ll be updating throughout the day so stop back every so often. 🙂 Oh yeah, I also use military time because it’s easier for me.

0100: I’ve been on Facebook with a friend needing someone to talk to and Daniel is now awake. Once I’m off of Facebook messenger, he looks at me and tells me, “I want cookie.” Fine. I tell him to go downstairs to the kitchen and I grab my phone on the way out of my bedroom in case he wants to stay down there a while. The Benadryl I took for my allergies is kicking in and I’m pretty sleepy.

0120: We’re back upstairs and Daniel hunkers down on my bed with his blankies. (Making him go back to his own bed is not a battle I’m choosing to fight when I’m feeling this crappy.) I put on a Viperkeeper video on Youtube and drift off to sleep.

0547: I’m woken up by the presence of a small child standing over my side of the bed and asking for a cookie. Fine. (This kid has a BMI of 13 so if he wants food these days, he gets it.) We go downstairs and I pray for Daniel to eat fast. He finishes quickly and I hand him his tablet, admonish him not to get up until my alarm goes off, and I go back to sleep.

0715: My sadistic alarm clock goes off and I drag myself out of bed. Daniel is already coming around the side of my bed to turn it off and I tell him to head to his room to get dressed. I grab my Jameson fleece and put it on because it is freezing in the house. The heat might have been on since 5 or 6 a.m. but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

0718: Next door in Daniel’s room, I monitor the dressing process. We take off his jammies, change his training pants, and I hand him clothes to put on for Picture Day (a navy blue polo shirt, a long-sleeved navy blue shirt to layer underneath, and jeans). Thankfully, he’s not feeling like messing around this morning and dresses quickly. I use part of the time he’s getting dressed to grab a cough drop off my desk.

0728: Daniel is dressed and I’ve had a chance to go to the bathroom so it’s time to head downstairs. I grab his glasses, a Windex wipe (for his glasses), his ID bracelet, his backpack, and his morning meds before limping down the stairs. My left knee is stiff and painful if I put weight on it so I’m predicting that today will be a day when I’ll be wanting a lot of Flexeril. Unfortunately, I can’t take it immediately because I’ve got a lot to do and the pill makes me a bit drowsy.

0734: Daniel is sitting at the table eating goldfish and drinking milk. I grab a spoon from the drawer and Daniel’s medicinal peanut butter jar (plain creamy peanut butter that we use for giving him his meds every day) from the pantry so I can give him his Adderall XR with a spoonful of the peanut butter. I’m thankful that he’s taking it without a fight now because it used to take my mom restraining him and me prying his jaws open to get him to take his meds. He takes the spoon from me and swallows it quickly so I give him 3 M&M’s for complying.

0736: Now that the kiddo is medicated, I pack his lunch. It’s pretty much the same every day and with the dry foods already in his lunch bag, I just have to add two cheese sticks, a banana, and his travel cup of juice.

0740: Daniel puts on his glasses and I put in his hearing aids. I thought I had brought his ID bracelet downstairs with me, but it’s not on the kitchen table with everything else. I limp back upstairs and find it next to the drying can for his hearing aids. I limp back downstairs and fasten it to him.

0746: Now that he has everything on besides his socks and shoes, I check his communication book to see if his teacher has anything to say. I fill out the back of the paper and pack the book into his backpack with his lunch and everything else.

0748: “Socks on, shoes on, Daniel.” While he puts his socks and shoes on, I head upstairs to grab my laundry from last night out of the dryer and put it on my Rubbermaid bin to fold once my bed is made and I have a big enough surface to work.

0750: Daniel is ready about 10 minutes before the bus arrives so I hand him his tablet and let him play after we get his jacket on.

0758: *beep beep* The bus is here (we get door-to-door transportation) and I step into my flip-flops before heading outside with him. I hand his backpack to the bus aide, give Daniel a kiss, tell him that I love him, and tell him to be *EXTRA* cute today. He gets on the bus and I head back into the house.

0806: My bed is made and I start folding my laundry. I only have three pairs of long pants so I have to do laundry a few times a week. I need to go to Fred Meyer or Kohl’s and pick up a couple more pairs.

0820: After putting all my laundry away, I toss on a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans. I sit down to journalize all of the goings-on this morning.

0845: I look down at my Fitbit Surge and see that it’s time to head to church for Mary’s Guild (women’s Bible study). I decide to finish blogging about the morning later on and stick my laptop in my laptop bag with all my Excel books. I am down the stairs, shoes are on, and am walking out the door when I realize that I forgot my crocheting. I limp upstairs and my mom happens to be on the 2nd floor landing. She asks me why I’m limping and I explain that my left knee is being spazzy. I grab my yarn, prayer shawl that is in-progress, and head back downstairs to leave. Before I leave the house, I grab two Babybel cheese rounds and put my coffee order into the $tarbux mobile app so it will be ready when I get there. (I cannot express how much I love the mobile app. It enables me to order ahead of time and then just walk in and pick up my order, completely forgoing the line all together.)

0853: I make it to $tarbux. Skagit PUD is still doing roadwork on Division Street and at the entrance to the back way out of my neighborhood so I am delayed by having to slow down for that. Thankfully, I was waved through the roadblock and do not have to stop for any length of time. I get smiles and waves from the baristas at $tarbux when I pick my drink up at the bar. I made a mental note to tip them well.

0903 I make it to church and walk into the fellowship hall. Several of the women and Helen, our rector, are already there and I get hugs from all of them. A couple of them comment on my froggy voice as we’re standing around getting our coffee and I explain that it’s probably allergies but it could be what Daniel had last week. Eventually, we sit down and share whatever food people have brought. This morning, there were grapes, nuts, and tangerines. We talk about anything and everything going on in our lives, in the community, the readings for Sunday, and whatever is relevant. Partway through, I start having the moving fibro pain in my legs and to avoid crying, I get up and walk around a bit, hoping that stretching out my legs will help.

1100: I bid my ladies “adieu” and drive to school. I decide to take the long way so I can get some prayer time in. Usually if I go this way, I pray the Trisagion but today’s prayer is just me begging God to make the pain go away and to help me persevere through until I can go home. I end up going through some wooded areas and am heartened to see that the storms from last weekend did not take all the leaves off the trees. The fall colors here remind me so much of how brilliant they were when I lived in Ohio from 2001 to 2003.

1115: I arrive at school and try to find a parking space near the front. No luck. I try not to grimace as I walk to the computer lab in Ford Hall to work on my Excel assessments. I log into my favorite computer and spread out across a couple workstations so I can listen to music and charge my laptop battery while I work. The assessments go relatively well and I finish a little before noon.

1200: I leave Ford Hall and head to the coffee shop in the student center where I get a wrap and a Coke for lunch. I have some time to kill before I meet with my conversation partner so I eat half of the wrap and work on typing up some of this entry. There are various people from CCF scattered around the student center having one-on-one mentoring meetings and they wave to me as they pass my table.

1230: I head to the International Student Office to meet up with my conversation partner. She tells me that she has had to drop one of her English classes, the one that required having a conversation partner, and she can no longer meet with me because of a new job. I smile nicely, tell her that it was nice to get a chance to get to know her, and wish her the best. I head back to the coffee shop and sit back down at my old table. I put my earbuds in and listen to music while working on this entry until one of the young women from CCF sits down at my table. We talk a little bit about ministry, Daniel, and I ask her some questions about the internship she is doing with her church. We hang out until I have to head back to Ford Hall to see my Excel professor during her office hours.

1330: I knock on the door of K, my Excel professor and she answers it once she is done meeting with the student in her office. I tell her that one of the online assessments fouled up and docked me points on last week’s chapter so she brings up the assessment, looks at it, looks at me, asks me to demonstrate something for her, and gives me full credit on that particular assessment. I thank her and walk back to my car.

1405: I get home from school, drop my laptop bag in my room, stick the other half of my wrap in the fridge, and wait for Daniel to get home. Usually, he gets out of school at 3 and home at 4; but because of parent-teacher conferences, they’re getting out early this week.

1415: Daniel is home. We head upstairs to take off the hearing aids, glasses, and ID bracelet. He settles on my bed with his tablet and I go let my mom know that I’m going to take a warm shower to see if it helps with the congestion and the fibro pain.

1445: I’m out of the shower and in my jammies. While I showered, Daniel had a banana for a snack downstairs with my mom. Mom and I talk about whether it would be a good idea for me to be at my grandma’s party this weekend (her 96th birthday is today) and we decide to play it by ear but that we probably will not have me and Daniel there so that I don’t give this cold to my grandma. We were also going to try having Daniel and me go see her today but that idea has been scrapped as well. Mom heads over to the assisted living facility to see her (she tries to go daily and we host dinner here almost every Sunday) and I curl up on my bed to blog while Daniel plays with his Legos.

1545: Cutie pie comes in and asks for “free fry” (french fries). This can be accomplished using a drive-thru so I can stay in my jammies. I tell him to get his socks and shoes on while I limp downstairs with my purse and let my dad know where we’re headed. As we’re leaving, the UPS man comes to the door and hands me two packages: one from Firmoo and one from Shutterfly. I am taken aback because I ordered the glasses from Firmoo on Friday and the cards from Shutterfly on Saturday night!

1550: We’re on our way! We drive to Burger King and get the kiddo some fries. I would usually try to extend the drive a little bit to give his tablet some time to charge but I am in serious pain by this point, so we just get his food and come home.

1640: We get home from our excursion and Daniel heads upstairs to commune with his tablet. I return to my spot on the bed and try to convince Homer (my parents’ grey kitty) to come and be my chest kitty. When he refuses to come when I call him, I go over and fetch him. He protests a little bit but soon begins to purr.

1730: Mom gets home from being with Grandma and we talk about her visit while I give Daniel his evening meds. He takes them again with no problem and receives a couple M&M’s. He goes upstairs to play in his room and I go back to my bed. The pain is worse than usual and the only thing I can think of that would cause it to be this bad is the weather systems moving through the area.

1830: I finally get to hit “publish” on this entry for the first time and I go to rouse Daniel to give him his shower. I find him curled up under his fleece SF Giants blankie. As much as I hate rousing him, he thrives on this routine and he needs a shower. He’s somewhat sleepy so I’m able to get him cleaned up quickly and we get him into his jammies. He heads downstairs for a snack and I follow him to get something for myself. I seem to have whatever respiratory crud Daniel had last week so I now understand his reluctance to eat or drink anything last Wednesday night. However, I have blood sugar issues so I need to eat *SOMETHING*. While he eats whatever is leftover from his lunch, I grab a banana and a Babybel cheese round. That should at least keep my blood sugar up and the protein from the cheese should keep me from getting hungry for a while.

1905: Daniel is back upstairs in his room and I retire to my room to watch TV. “The Big Bang Theory” is on TBS in syndication but I’m not particularly fond of the two episodes on right now so I switch to WGN and watch “Cops”. I also finally get to take some Flexeril now that I’m not going to be having to drive or make any serious parenting decisions in the next 12 hours.

2015: I stop hearing Daniel playing so I go check his room and find him asleep on his bed. He wakes up a little bit when he hears my footsteps and I stroke his head to get him to lie back down. I tuck him in with his blankies, give him a kiss, pray over him, turn out his light and leave his room. He’ll probably come climb up on my bed at some point in the middle of the night but it’s only been recently that we’ve gotten him to go to sleep in his own room for the first time since his hospitalization in March 2011.

2030: I grab my Accounting backpack and decide to take a look at the homework that is due on Tuesday. I’m caught up with Excel for the moment and I don’t want to end up in a situation where I’ve got to burn too much midnight oil to get everything done. Before I start looking at the homework, I email my professor about making an appointment for advising. I’m considering the pursuit of a certificate in Bookkeeping and I want to know what classes I actually have to take, given that I’ve already got a B.A. and part of a Master’s degree. (Is “First Year Experience” really a necessary class? Do I have to take “College Math” if I’ve passed Calculus?)

2230: I’ve lost myself in Accounting work. I decide to get some sleep and switch on the news after packing up my Accounting backpack. I’m falling asleep when Daniel comes in with his blankies and curls up with me…

{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXV)



This piece on the origins of common sayings. If you’re into linguistics, this is pretty fascinating.


This acrobatic gymnastics routine from Australia. One of the things that I have gotten addicted to in the midst of fibromyalgia-induced insomnia is watching acrobatic gymnastics on YouTube. This isn’t the most amazing routine but I love that the women are having a blast and it reminds me of a vaudeville act.


This episode of “The World’s Strictest Parents”. “The World’s Strictest Parents” is another late night YouTube addiction. This one involves two Aussie teens being sent to live with a strict family in Ireland. I think I love it because the family is very chill and the Irish accent is calming for me.


This piece on the autism spectrum. The autism spectrum isn’t linear — it’s spherical because not every person processes things the same way or has the same deficits.


Naps with kitties. I had a purry tiger (Jethro) hanging out with me this morning and he stayed on my bed even after I got up to take his brother (Homer) to the vet. (He had an abscess.) Because he is not allowed outside EVER AGAIN for a week, Homer decided to be a lap kitty this afternoon. I think he was sick of bumping into furniture because of his cone of shame. 🙂

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 22, 2016

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… cloudy and in the 60’s. It’s been cool all day and threatening to rain. Given how much I hate hot weather, I’m all in favor of it even if it gives me migraines.

I am thinking… about the move in 2 1/2 weeks.

Oh yeah… this is what the vague-blogging has been about. My parents and Daniel and I are moving to Washington in June. It’s been in works since November. We had to be out of the house for two weeks in April while the floors were redone, the doors replaced, and the trim replaced. After that, we had a week of realtor showings that required vacating the house at a moment’s notice. The house sold fast and Mom and Dad spent a couple days in Washington house-shopping. They put in an offer which was accepted and closing is on June 3rd.

I am thankful… for today’s choir anthem going well.

One of my favorite things… office supply stores. Staples is my idea of nirvana.

I am wearing… long-sleeved green striped shirt and jeans. For church this morning, I traded my jeans for my black dress slacks and black flats.

I am creating change-of-address postcards.

I am reading… The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House by Marc Draco, Kavin Senapathy, and Mark Alsip. The book takes all of the Food Babe’s pseudo-scientific stupidity and deconstructs it using facts, actual science, and logic.

I am hoping… a friend comes home from his missions trip safely.

I am learning… about the various state agencies that work with kiddos like Daniel in Washington.

In my kitchen… Dad is making hot dogs tonight.

In the school room… Daniel has two weeks left and I’m starting to scan paperwork to send to the school district in Washington.

Post Script… if you know someone with fibromyalgia, I recommend reading this.

Shared Quote… From Facebook

I couldn't resist sharing this one from Facebook...

A moment from my day… As it is Trinity Sunday I thought I’d share this.

Closing Notes: I saw a blog post shared on Facebook this weekend in which a mommy blogger who had done lots of giveaways and earned money from her blog was telling all the other mommy bloggers to give up their blogs because she had seen the error of her ways and, like, nobody cares or is reading mommy blogs anymore. I’d disagree that mommy bloggers need to stop writing and give up their blogs. Readership of blogs is down across the board but if it brings you joy to blog and scratches that itch, go for it. Unless you are saying something dangerous, something seriously untrue, or being a complete and utter Sanctimommy, I’ll generally ignore you if your blog has too many sponsored posts or if you bore me to pieces.

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7 Quick Takes: Is The Week Over Yet????

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

The Pope and female deacons. I’m seeing some flipping out over the announcement by the National Catholic Reporter that the Pope is creating a commission to study women deacons. Yeah… not a world-changing issue. If the Pope does anything, the result will probably look like what deaconesses do in the LCMS, effectively just being dedicated church workers who happen to be female. I don’t think female deacons/deaconesses will do any baptisms/weddings/funerals or anything like that.

— 2 —

#NeverTrump I just want to make it incredibly clear that there is no valid reason for voting for Donald Trump. NONE. Seriously, neither former president Bush is endorsing him and neither is Paul Ryan. These are three people with knowledge of the job and of how the government works. (Yes, I am siding with those three. Hell has indeed frozen over.)


Oh… and in case anyone was wondering, I would say the same things about the Cruz/Carly ticket, if not making worse criticisms. Trump is a blowhard saying what he says — Ted Cruz actually *BELIEVES* it. I’m honestly not sure who is more unfit of the Cruz/Carly duo — even John Boehner had foul things to say about Ted Cruz (with whom he *WORKED* and who was on THE SAME SIDE) and I tend to side with Boehner on this. (And yes, I actually said I was agreeing with John Boehner. Start watching for the four horsemen of the apocalypse to appear in the sky.) Carly Fiorina has no legislative experience and she completely screwed up Hewlett-Packard, laying off a number of my classmates’ parents. In short, that ticket would have screwed up the country as much as Trump will if he is elected.

— 3 —

So… who to vote for instead of Trump? Do what all the other intelligent Republicans are doing — FIND ANOTHER CANDIDATE. Here is a lovely story on the subject. And Republicans, if you actually want my vote and my support, try running someone articulate and intelligent who has more than a middle school knowledge of how the government works.

— 4 —

Yet another reason the pro-life movement can be an embarrassment. Simcha Fisher had this lovely tweet a few days ago:

Dear #prolife organizations: If there’s no one good to endorse, you don’t have to endorse anyone. Easy peasy, no soul-selling necessary.

Their endorsement of Trump is one of many reasons I will *NEVER* give money to Priests for Life or the Susan B. Anthony List. Shame on you!

— 5 —

Drop boxes for babies. Simcha had a fabulous piece on the Safe Haven drop boxes for babies that are being put into place in Indiana. It’s a good idea because they would allow mothers to surrender their babies in such a way as to put them in a safe place that protects the child and also allows authorities to automatically be notified that the child is there. The mom could remain anonymous and it would mean that there would not be any babies left in toilets or dumpsters. (The founder of the company making the boxes, herself, was a child conceived from a rape and her mom abandoned her at the hospital as a newborn.)

She also describes the combox on the original Gawker piece and it’s definitely one that I would not read even if I was paid to do so.

— 6 —

Prayer request. I managed to get a rheumatology appointment for next week. Could you please pray that we can get records sent to them so that I’m not walking in there without any documentation of my fibromyalgia? Thanks! This is really my only shot of getting a gabapentin prescription and I’m definitely having issues with the lowered dose.

— 7 —

Special intention. I know I’m vague-blogging again but I could use prayer for a special intention. Please and thank you!

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