7 Quick Takes: Court Edition

— 1 — Travel. All of my flights went well other than my flight from Bellingham to Seattle being late on Monday and my flight to Bellingham on Tuesday involving horrible turbulence because of a weather system over the Whatcom County line. (I’m not a nervous flyer at all and even I was white-knuckling this …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 28, 2018

For Today… January 28, 2018 Looking out my window… cold and windy but not bad overall. We’re supposed to get some rain tonight. I am thinking… about my trip to San Jose for court. I have everything set up for Daniel care and I have to trust that he’ll be OK with my mom and …
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7 Quick Takes: 17 Years of Blogging!

July 19th was my 17th blogiversary and it passed quietly because of school and things in my personal life. As a way of ignoring the crappy health news I got today, here are are some ways my life has changed since I started blogging on July 19, 2000. — 1 — I’ve come full-circle in …
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7 Quick Takes: June Blogs Edition

I’m on the road from Salem to northern Washington as most of you are reading this. I pre-wrote it and scheduled it while sitting in Pep Boys on Monday. I’ll have someone *coughcoughcoughBethAnnecoughcoughcough* link it up at Kelly’s when the link-up for this week’s Quick Takes goes live. **UPDATE** I got waylaid by car troubles …
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7 Quick Takes: Things I Will Not Miss About California

I’m less than a week from the move and to keep myself in the “Washington is a good move” mode, here are some things I will not miss about California. (To be fair, I will miss a lot of people, the redwood forests, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco.) — 1 — The heat. It’s in …
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