well… i’ve got most of the site done. i’ll work on ftping it up next week. hopefully dreamhost sent me enough information and hopefully it’s simplified enough so that even i can figure it out. it’s been nice having these last two days off from work. i’ve gotten a chance to work on the site and make it as unique as i can. after i get it worked out so that i can archive things, i’ll work on the domain page. i currently have psalm 23 on there but i’m probably going to search for quotes with “peaceful waters” in them or use some of my poetry. i wish that i was better at using front page or that i had the html ability to do a page like samantha’s but i think that i’ll get better with time.

as i was doing my quiet time this afternoon, i was reading through 2 corinthians 3:1-6 and it made me really think about how i judge myself in regard to if i’ve done enough. the devotional was from campus journal talked about how billy graham, someone who has helped millions of people get to know Jesus, felt like he hadn’t done enough. as sad as this sounds, i feel better about not doing as great as i could if billy graham is afraid that he hasn’t done enough. it also really reminded me of whose opinion should count as far as what i do — it should be God, not the world around me. i also read psalm 23 and that really showed me that i need to stop worrying about my housing situation. i’m supposedly a priority since i’m affiliated with the drc so i should have a slightly better chance. darlene also sent something today telling us to fill out the response card so that they can keep their lists pure. i think that once the lists are purer, housing will become available. at least… i hope so.