7 Quick Takes: Wildfire Edition

7 Quick Takes

Yeah, my home state of California is currently on fire, and two of the fires (which were started by lightning strikes in a place that doesn’t usually have big thunderstorms) are affecting me personally.

The CZU Lightning Complex fire has destroyed and is threatening to destroy places I hold dear like my alma mater UC Santa Cruz, the two Girl Scout camps where I spent time growing up and worked as my first job, areas of redwood forest that hold my heart, and the houses of friends of mine who have had to be evacuated.

The SCU Lightning Complex fire is threatening areas surrounding my hometown of San Jose, and people I love are preparing to be evacuated.

The demented troll in the White House is threatening to make the state pay for the fires themselves because “they don’t listen to [him]“. Apparently, he has never been in a forest for more than a photo-op and doesn’t quite get that YOU DON’T CLEAN THE FOREST FLOOR LIKE YOU DO CONCRETE AND ASPHALT!!!!!

I’m more than a little displeased and upset tonight, so I’ll stop here and just ask y’all to pleasepleaseplease pray for all those affected by the fires. This is breaking my heart.

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