7 Quick Takes: Spooky Cat Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Introductions. This is Doc. He is the new cat in town.

My spooky kitty cat

— 2 —

How he came to Casa Meditatio. Mom needed a buddy after losing Jethro, so I started looking on rescue sites to try and find an appropriate cat for her. I was at the vet last Friday picking up the bag with Jethro’s box in it (along with a paw print, some fur in a ziploc bag, a sympathy card, and certificate of cremation), and there was a beautiful and sociable tabby cat with mittens in the adoption enclosure. I excitedly called Mom to say that I might have a cat for her… only to find out that this ridiculously social cat hates other cats, meaning that she was a no-go. I fought back tears the entire way home because I had fallen in love with her the second I met her.

When I got home (and had a good cry), I looked online at various rescues and saw this beautiful tabby cat with soulful eyes on the website of the NOAH Center, a local rescue that does low-cost spays/neuters and also helps to adopt out shelter cats that are having a hard time getting adopted. I called them and asked some questions about him. They told me that he seemed to be OK with other cats, that he liked to burrow under blankets, and was just a lovebug. I fell in love with him at that point, and Mom did too when she went to the NOAH Center on Monday. He rubbed her hands and purred for her when she reached into his enclosure, and she brought him home.

— 3 —

Spooky boy. When I called the NOAH Center to make sure he was still adoptable on Monday, they told me to have a sanctuary room prepped for him because he would need to decompress for 72 hours or so, especially as the shelter experience had been hard on him. We set up the guest room for him, and he has been enjoying its amenities, most notably the underside of the bed. He got a bit hissy when we got him home, and he is definitely a bit spooky right now.

— 4 —

Socializing Mr. Spooky. My mom has spent time in the guest room having her breakfast and watching a lecture on Beethoven with him in there. I’ve spent a couple of hours every evening since Monday lying on a fleece blanket on the floor working on my laptop to help him get used to my presence. I started reading to him last night, and he seems to be chill for that. He will actually go to sleep while I’m reading and he is at the point where he’ll come out from under the bed to eat or use his litter box with me in the room.

He also likes to burrow and Mom has found him under one of the fleece blankets with his little face poking out, and he burrowed into one of the comforters on the bed on Thursday morning. I walked in to check on him and found Mom stroking a lump in the bed. 🙂

— 5 —

A wrench in the plan. The NOAH Center called us on Tuesday morning to let us know that Doc was on antibiotics for a cold and that they had forgotten to send them home with him. Mom and Dad went and got them, and we had to extract Doc from under the bed to medicate him. We really hate doing it because it makes Doc more scared, but we’ve done it daily since Tuesday, and today (Friday) is thankfully the last day.

When I extracted him on Wednesday, I was holding him to me and petting him while telling him that he is loved, he is safe, he has beautiful stripes, and his yellow eyes are soulful. Each day has gotten a little easier, but we still hate doing it. (The antibiotic is also stinky and the smell stays on my hands all day, so I’ll be happy to be done today.)

— 6 —

Progress. Today, I went into the guest room to switch out books this afternoon, and I decided to check on him. He was next to the lamp table (12 inches from me), so I lay down on the floor next to him and put out my fingers. He sniffed them, and I decided to see if he would let me pet his tail. He allowed it as well as letting me pet his little feet. He finally touched his nose to my fingers, and I feel so incredibly special.

— 7 —

Minion’s reaction. The prince of darkness knows something is up, has been sniffing at the door and puffing up, and is perturbed that there is food in HIS guest room that he is not being allowed to have. (I should point out that he has several food stations in the house, but he is of the opinion that stolen food is best.) I’ve been trying to give my incorrigible monster extra attention, but we’re expecting fireworks when he eventually meets Doc. Please pray that their eventual meeting is mostly positive.

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes: Spooky Cat Edition

  1. What a beautiful boy! I hope introducing him to minion goes smoothly.
    We introduced our old calico to our covid kiten last summer. I did everything right – separate rooms, Feliway diffuser- and it wasn’t great. Over time it’s gotten better , as long as Covid kitten doesn’t try to play with the old girl. She snarls the cat equivalent of “get off of my lawn” and then things can get loud. But mostly we’re in neutral mode. They just leave each other alone. Winter is easier as they both sleep the day away!

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