Catching Up: August 7, 2022 Edition

It’s 12:39 a.m. on August 7th, and I have very little to tell you about my life because I’m eating, drinking, working with students, watching too much YouTube, and not sleeping near enough. All the student stuff is kinda sorta protected by FERPA (and I’m not feeling like getting into the Come to Jesus conversations I’m having to have with a few of them), so here is the stuff I’ve been watching for the last week or so on YouTube. There’s A LOT of them, so I’m putting a cut in this post. Click on “Continue reading” to see the whole shebang. (And yes, I have a weird YouTube algorithm.)

And finally, a song I heard and fell in love with from an honor walk video. “Honor walks” are a wonderful and beautiful thing. They involve a terminal patient being taken down the hall past all the hospital staff (with the immediate family following them) on the way to the OR to harvest the organs that they are donating to give life to someone else. They are all over YouTube, and I’m fascinated by them because I’ve got the organ donor box checked on my driver’s license.

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