sigh… why do i get involved in the politics on the compuserve fellowship forum? mikael responded back and what he said did hurt, but i still stand by my postion, mostly because my decision is backed up by my faith and that’s what should be governing my life. still… it does hurt to be on mikael’s bad side.

today was a frustrating day. i got tosses into jr’s with no idea what i was doing. (matt pointed out that i now know more than i did at this time yesterday. why is he right all the time? :)) i also got to back up café, which reminded me why i’m happy to be out of there. the next time i complain about missing the café, somebody please shoot me.

in my quiet time, my passage talked about praising the Lord. this is something that i really need to start doing as much of my prayer time is spent complaining to the Lord about my situation. yes, i am depressed in a bad way. yes, i am angry. yes, i want out of san jose and away from the yuppie scum that inhabit it and live off of their yuppie coffee and beamers. this still doesn’t mean that i shouldn’t be praising God for life, for what He has done for me, and just the fact that i lead a really privileged life.

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