depression attacks are nasty as is feeling like the world is a dark place. i’m thankful for people who send me spiritual encouragement because sometimes i wonder whether God really is in control of this world. my readings for my quiet time (psalm 23 and habbakuk 2:1-14 in odb) really showed me that there is.

for those of you reading this, please pray for me in this next week as i’m dealing with the stress of declaring my major and getting my soc midterm written. i’ll be at a conference this weekend and i’ll have the spiritual support then. meanwhile, i just need to motivate myself to either work out or take some long walks every day…

the election is tuesday: register to vote and DO IT!!!! this election counts as the new president will be appointing supreme court justices. i’m against bush because of his position on making a constitutional amendment against abortion rights. i believe that abortion is unnecessary but as a woman, i feel like i should decide on matters relating to my body. i also feel that if it becomes illegal, there are going to be women going underground to do it and that will be even more dangerous. *sigh* on the other hand… a return to some basic moral values would be nice (especially on this campus)…

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