My Sanctity of Life Week Post

I heard on Air1 that it’s Sanctity of Life week and I felt like I should weigh in. (In other words, free posting topic!)

My Sanctity of Life story comes from my pregnancy with Daniel. At one of my appointments, Dr. Awesome asked if I wanted the MSAFP test (it tests for Down’s Syndrome and spina bifida). I didn’t really feel like getting it but Jon wanted it so I gave in. A week later, Dr. Awesome herself left a message on my answering machine at home which was a red flag. (Nurses usually call with test results. Dr. Awesome calling meant something was wrong.) It turns out that the test came back elevated for Down’s Syndrome and they were getting my 3-D ultrasound scheduled in Great Falls ASAP. After getting 5 phone calls in a 10 minute period, my co-workers caught on that there was a problem and a lot of them were freaking out for my sake.

I was more angry because the reason they were getting the ultrasound moved up was so that they could do amniocentisis if need be and abort the baby if the amnio came back showing Down’s Syndrome. Seriously, if Daniel had been born with Down’s Syndrome, we would have been OK with that. He was a WANTED child and would be a LOVED child.

The 3-D ultrasound showed that he was fine (and the “elevated” level was a 1% chance which I wish I’d known — it would have saved a lot of people a lot of worry). The doctor doing the ultrasound (my peri-natalogist Dr. Fabulous) was the one who delivered Daniel two months later so it was good that I had the patient relationship with him.

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2 thoughts on “My Sanctity of Life Week Post

  1. It’s so sad that we’ve come to a point in our society where only “perfect” babies are acceptable to some people. I wonder why they don’t realize that NONE of us is perfect!

    A lot of expectant moms are deciding not to have tests which are solely performed to reveal “imperfections” because they would want and love the child anyway.

    Kudos to you for deciding to proceed with the pregnancy.

  2. My last 2 babies were delivered when I was considered old (36 and 38) so they really pushed for all that testing…nope- that’s why I give birth at a hospital so they could help with problems that might come up (all my kids are PERFECTLY normal- praise God)

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