7 Quick Takes — Raindances

7 Quick Takes

After having one of the driest Decembers on record, we’re receiving a few weather systems that should make a dent in our needed rainfall and hopefully add some snow to the Sierras. (Yes, I’m fully aware that “Sierras” is like writing “mountainses”. However, everyone around here pluralizes it.)

— 1 —

If you view my blog as a whole, there’s a sticky post at the top which explains the button on the sidebar. Restating it briefly, I can’t throw my weight behind any of the GOP candidates, so I’m supporting Obama. The political discussion on this blog regarding the 2012 election stops at that point (Twitter is another story) and I’m perfectly OK with anyone who wants to pass over my blog until November 7th. I’m not going to gripe about any of the GOP debates or any candidate — the only complaining I may do is about the number of political ads on TV come autumn.

— 2 —

I think everybody in the pro-life movement needs to read this. Kate is another Quick Takes blogger and she is so perfectly on-the-money with what she has to say. I have friends on both sides of the issue and she brings a lot of grace to the pro-life side of it. (Thank you to Katie @ NFP and Me for re-tweeting it.)

— 3 —

I have parent training this weekend for the autism program that will be working with Daniel. I’d prefer doing it over two Saturdays instead of Saturday/Sunday but the only way we can have this in place before Daniel turns three is for me to do it this weekend. I’ve almost got the care schedule for Sunday morning in place and I’m thankful that the people of Metanoia are so awesome to offer to take care of him while Jon is conducting worship and teaching Sunday school. (For those not in the know, I’m married to a Lutheran pastor.) We get an hour-long break for lunch so I’ll definitely be charging my NOOK so I can curl up with it during lunch. (It also has a pad of paper in the cover so I can take copious notes.)

— 4 —

I just found out that a seminary friend of mine is pregnant again… with triplets. I managed not to remark that she was going to have her hands full — I imagine that there will be plenty of people telling her that in her congregation. I’m hoping for a healthy pregnancy for her — pregnancies of multiples can be tricky by nature. (The hospital where I used to live in Montana refused to deliver twins or higher because there was so much that could go wrong.)

— 5 —

I had lobster for the first time last weekend at the lobster feed put on by the Chamber of Commerce. Honestly, it’s not my first choice for shellfish — it was a little bit too rich. The shrimp from the Low Country Boil on the other hand… I wish I’d taken some of it home with me although at the time, the thought of more food was more than I could handle. It was a fun evening and I’m thankful to one of my parishioners for inviting me to go with her.

— 6 —

I have to admit that I’m somewhat amused at the revelation that Paula Deen has Type II diabetes. There are a number of people crying “HYPOCRITE!!!” at her because she pushed her high-fat comfort food while living with the condition and I don’t doubt she is a bit guilty of hypocrisy; but people also had a choice to follow her recipes and eat that food. She claims to have always preached moderation and that’s something that we Americans have problems in practicing. The normal dinner plate size has increased insanely in the last 30-40 years and having appetizers, an entrée, and dessert at most major restaurant chains will use up your daily allowance of calories in just that meal in addition to all the excess fat and sodium.

— 7 —

I’m getting kind of addicted to the Friday lunch special at the local sushi place. Soup, salad, teryaki chicken or beef, rice, and a roll of choice for under $15. It works. They’re also more than happy to let me just sit and read after I eat.

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8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Raindances

  1. 1. The only gripe I have is that the debates are unending. I don’t even keep up with them, I just know they’re on because my Twitter goes nuts. I’m happy I don’t have cable, I’d be even MORE sick of election season!

    7. I love little places that just let you read in peace. And that sushi deal sounds great, too.

  2. Wasn’t Kate’s post fantastic? I shared it this week too. Oh and thanks for linking to me!

    The Paula Deen is killing me too. We as a society have come to believe we’re no longer culpable for out own choices if someone on TV does them too. It’s crazy!

  3. about politics….you won’t find word ONE about my specific opinion about any candidate on my blog. That’s just me- some people get really into it. I am just still traumatized by a family reunion ruined by all that chad-counting with Bush-Gore

    about Type 2 diabetes- it is the SUGAR (of course, too many calories makes you fat, and that is a risk factor). paula Deen says she drinks gallons of sweet tea

  4. In backward order (which I’m sure means something about how my brain works):

    7 – I also LOVE sushi, and a good sushi special has been known to set my heart a-patter. In fact, we have plans to get sushi tonight, but your post made me want it all the more. MMmmmm Las Vegas Roll . . .

    6 – I think my feelings on the Paula Deen thing are pretty blah – I COULD care less. But I liked one tweet that CNN showed the other day (back when this was bigger news than the shipwreck), “I think I’ll go and break peoples legs, and then team up to sell crutches.” The problem, I think, is that now she’s making money hawking diabetes medication . . . while still cranking out diabetes-causing foods (I’m sure ‘causing’ isn’t the right scientific term, but you get me).

    3 – I agree on your nook-love. I’d be bored to insanity without my Kindle. Also (as the wife of a Catholic Youth Minister) I wonder how much we have in common as far as ministry responsibilities go. It’d be an interesting cross-denomination exploration.

    2 – Thank you. I really am, very very honored, and fairly surprised that anybody thinks I have anything worthwhile to say.

    1 – I love Obama. I don’t care what anybody says :-).

    After this post alone, I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy your blog immensely (yes, I’m vain 😉

  5. Kate (#2) makes some good points, but over-generalizes too much.

    #1 – While some people who are pro-choice know abortion is evil, I believe many don’t. Of those who do, they still do not see it as taking a human life (which it is) or else they could not be pro-choice.

    #2 – Listening and compassionate — most in the pro-life movement are.

    #3 – Pictures — this is less common now than it once was. It is usually a bad tactic, but I understand why it is sometimes done.

    #4 – Empowerment (really education). Kate is absolutely right. Not just for young ladies, but for young men too. Ideally learning to appreciate the Christian virtue of Chastity would help a lot.

  6. George, honey, I have a comments section on my blog, y’know. 🙂 I’d be happy to engage you over there.

  7. Hi Jen, this Traci from the “congregation” hehehe – thank you for responding on my blog. i’ve been going to Segullah for about 2 years – they used to do a lot more book clubs and literary reviews. but i still think some interesting discussions. Wish Lutheran Woman had such a communial place on web. Your son is a Living Doll! i crochet too! have earmarked your blog, looking forward to getting to know you and your fam better! love the name – i’m a classical music/sacred freak too!

  8. #1-Not a Big Obama fan but love your blog and will still visit because we’ll you’re awesome! :)lol

    #3 I was a Special Ed teacher for 8 years and Lo is on an IEP for speech. Every case is different but it all falls down to learning how to help our loved one and help them achieve their best. It’s a hard road ahead but you are doing something key and that’s Early intervention. Sending you a big hug and know that your little one is so blessed to have a loving mama like you to help him on his special journey.

    #4 I have a neighbor that has 3 little ones under 5 and will be giving birth to her twins anytime this week. God knows the special people that can handle that.lol

    #5 & 7 mmmmm lobster & sushi!! nuf’said

    #6 Couldn’t agree more!! Have a wonderful week!

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