7 Quick Takes — TV, Minivans, and ABA Training

7 Quick Takes

It’s been a week of interesting TV, discovering my inner soccer mom (she doesn’t exist), and trying to figure out how to fit ABA techniques into my day with Daniel.

— 1 —

Being part of Quick Takes has been a blessing to me. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about interacting with others who may believe differently than I do, and I’ve found a community of people with whom I can discuss life. There are people who have helped me through Daniel’s autism diagnosis and others who I’ve been able to help through some things in their lives. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me and commented. You’ve helped me out a lot.

— 2 —

OMG CSI!!!! The episodes the last two weeks have been insane and I’m glad I got to see them though I had to watch the last part of this week’s episode online because I was dealing with Daniel puke during the last 20 minutes of it when it was on TV. Obviously, I’m sad Catherine is leaving the show but I’m excited to see what they do after her departure. I’m especially excited to see what they have in store for Brody.

— 3 —

The interaction at the end of Hart of Dixie this week between Zoe and Brick was touching. I’m sure that we’ll see that he still wants her to leave Bluebell but he was actually really warm and tender with her as he told her about Harley’s family. He had watched her put herself out there for ridicule in order to prove herself worthy of being part of “The Belles” and that included watching Lemon treat her like dirt. The best exchange of the episode was probably Lemon telling her to go out and milk the cow and not come back unless she had two gallons. Brick walks in and comments, “We have a cow?” Lemon’s response: “Today we do.”

— 4 —

I’m within the last 150 pages of Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. Honestly, it’s like pulling teeth right now that they’re in with Galbatorix. I think we’re going to get the two views of the battle: Eragon’s and Roran’s for awhile. We know that either Eragon is going down or Galbatorix is going down — the two can’t be alive together. Part of me is dying to know what happens and another part of me is having problems reading about things not going well.

— 5 —

I did not watch the State of the Union address or the GOP response. Considering the number of my friends who live-tweeted it, I don’t really think I needed to. Instead, I had to deal with a sub-par episode of NCIS and a crappy episode of The Big Bang Theory afterwards. I decided to see what was on other channels rather than watch and I got to see ABC’s “Last Man Standing”. It’s OK — sort of on-par with “Home Improvement” but not quite.

— 6 —

ABA training went well. I understand the theories behind this method and I can see its benefits. The problem for me is that Daniel isn’t completely at the point yet where it is really effective. He isn’t exhibiting a lot of the behaviors that need to be extinguished so I’m having to find something/anything where I need to fix his behavior. Our home visit is on the 3rd and I’m afraid that all my efforts won’t be good enough. The idea is that we teach a skill and the skill I’m working on with Daniel is one of the base skills that have to be in place to teach the kind of skills they want us to teach. OK… enough being neurotic.

— 7 —

My car was in the body shop this week so I had a rental. They didn’t have any cars like mine at Enterprise so… they asked if a minivan would be OK. Having a cranky toddler with me, I said “sure”. The result: I have a Chrysler Town and Country to drive this week. It’s a soccer mom car and it’s a lot more car than I need even though it’s nice to have Sirius radio and the ability to sync my iPod with the car’s computer. Truthfully, I miss my Dodge Stratus.

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — TV, Minivans, and ABA Training

  1. Your “inner soccer mom” doesn’t exist. Love it! I don’t think I have one either!! 🙂

    I wonder as well about my current political understanding being TOTALLY formed by Twitter these days. In fairness, I haven’t actually formed an opinion from it, I simply haven’t paid much attention. I don’t have a TV and have yet to find an easy, straightforward way to follow the debates, etc. Sigh.

    Soon, I will attempt to get educated “for real” in this area. Really!

  2. 5 I watched it. You didn’t miss much. Republicans hated it; democrats liked it. You know how it goes. Although if you do want to watch a funny review of it, watch the Daily Show. It was particularly hilarious. 🙂

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