7 Quick Takes — Prohibitions Against Brown M&M’s, the Promise Walk, and Lent

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

NPR’s Facebook page posted an interview with David Lee Roth on the prohibition of brown M&M’s in the Van Halen dressing room It has to do with compliance to stage safety and is not one of those random rock star quirks. It was a simply fascinating interview and you can view it here.

— 2 —

Jennifer from Our House will be bringing her adopted son Joshua home from Eastern Europe in a few days. She and her husband were gone from their family for four weeks as they were in Joshua’s home country doing all the necessary things to adopt him. The whole thing has taken almost seven months from start to finish and I am completely overjoyed (as a mom who had to wait to take her baby home) that she is headed back overseas on Sunday to bring him back with her to the States.

— 3 —

I’ve maintained that whoever puts up the first political attack ad will automatically lose my vote. The winner: my Congressman. Is it so hard to run a clean campaign? It’s not even March yet! If I’m having to change channels now, I shudder to think what it will like this August/September.

— 4 —

I managed to catch an interesting case on Judge Judy when I was watching on Wednesday night. I should have waited to switch laundry around in the wash house because I missed the last part of a case where a couple are claiming that a friend totaled their car and expect her to pay off the note. I don’t know how it was resolved but one of the things that blew my mind was that the couple was allowed to take out a car loan without having both liability and collision coverage on their insurance. No lender that I know of allows you to borrow money from them unless you can prove that you have both. There was also the matter of their speech. You don’t get “drove” to work — you get “driven”. It has been a long time since I’ve heard the English language butchered that badly. (The “drove” thing was just the tip of the iceberg.) The rest of the cases were entertaining but not as memorable as that particular one.

— 5 —

My cough from the MUTANT DEATH COLD is gone! Serious props and my thanks to Lisa of All Things Gale for her suggestion of a spoonful of honey. I had forgotten that honey has antiseptic properties and is something I put in my tea when I get bronchitis. Yay for homeopathic remedies! Go visit Lisa and congratulate her on the birth of her son Roman on February 15th!

— 6 —

I’m pondering what my Lenten sacrifice will be. I’m Lutheran so doing something for Lent is encouraged but not required. I came to faith in the Episcopal Church however so I *always* do something for Lent. I’ll definitely be going meatless on Fridays (which I try to do anyway during Lent) but I haven’t figured out what I’ll add or give up. Some thoughts are giving up soda (as Coca-Cola is my comfort food), giving up meat for the whole time, or perhaps not petting fluffy cats. (I have one next to me who is biting me.) After my pancakes on Mardi Gras, I’ll figure something out.

— 7 —

I’m participating in the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in May. As a survivor of HELLP Syndrome (a variant of preeclampsia — it’s why I had to have an emergency c-section at 29 weeks with Daniel), I participated for the first time last year and it was an awesome experience. It was healing to do it last year and I’m excited to be able to participate again! Please consider sponsoring me.

For more Quick Takes, visit Hallie Lord at BettyBeguiles.Com who is graciously hosting this meme while Jen pushes toward the end of her manuscript.

7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Prohibitions Against Brown M&M’s, the Promise Walk, and Lent

  1. i love the season of lent; i love the Church calendar and it’s seasonal reminders to live a holy life.

    glad your mutant death cold is gone … yikes.

  2. I thought the brown M&M thing was going to be something about the “naked” M&M commercial. The truth is crazier, though. Especially considering that back in the day, after the initial pulling of red M&M’s but before the introduction of blue, there were two colors of brown. Does anyone else remember this?

  3. That NPR interview was really interesting! I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since you mentioned it was a safety interview. I’m glad I watched it, I feel like I learned something today.

    On Monday I’m hosting a Lent Link-up for bloggers to share their Lent ideas. Come on over and peruse some ideas, I’m expecting to see great suggestions!

  4. I’m still trying to figure out Lent too. I’m leaning towards actually just fasting this year. I haven’t done that much because I spent, oh, six (or seven?) years straight pregnant or nursing. But I’m feeling a pull towards just doing the traditional thing. Well, the traditional thing for Catholics, and I’m not Catholic! But as a former Episcopalian, you’d know that the liturgical Protestants don’t really have things laid out as clearly as the Catholics do, so we tend to crib from them here and there. 🙂

  5. We think of lent as a triangle- we fast (to varying degrees), give alms (and or do service work), and pray— it is the “tithe” of the year to give back to God

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