A Cheerful Heart Doeth Good Medicine

Today, Jon had a hospital visit in Westerville, so we braved downpours and broken windshield wipers to get there. (Tip: A roll of duct tape in the car saves precious time.) We also ended up going 6 miles in the wrong direction, which meant that we were an hour late getting to the hospital and I was in a mighty foul mood when we arrived. Well… that soon changed. J, the husband of K (the woman having surgery) is one of the most congenial and awesome people we know and listening to him talk about things really improved my mood (as did finding out that we weren’t too late to sit with him). We had to wait an hour for K to get out of surgery and during that time, we got to watch J razz the doctors in a very good-natured way.

When we got up to K’s room, I was greeted with a big hug from a very awake K, which is wonderful considering that they had to dope her pretty well for her surgery. She also told us that when her orderly came in to help her bathe this morning, she found K reading the Bible. Apparently, the conversation went something like this:

O: So you’re reading your Bible?
K: Of course. What other Good Book do you start the day out with?
O: Well… I don’t have time.
K: Not even to pray while washing the dishes?
O: I’d never thought of that.
K: Your hands are busy but your heart and mind are free to pray.

(Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa)

The part that makes this really funny: K is 80+ years old, shorter than me, and about 3 times as spirited. She is one of these people who I think could call fire down from Heaven when she prays. The rest of the visit was just wonderful and she totally made me laugh. She apologized left and right because she might not be able to be there on Sunday. We explained to her that she had a good excuse and promised to come and see her and bring her communion when we could. After she gets out of the hospital, she’ll have to be in a nursing home so that they can give her the antibiotics she needs. When she heard that we don’t know where we’ll be yet, she promised to pray for us and I have a feeling her prayers are gonna make the difference.

One of the things I love about K and our other long-time members who are in the hospital is that they have very unshakeable faith — faith that moves mountains and faith that sustains people in tough circumstances. This is probably the second surgery this year for K and she is taking it all in stride. These people have ten times as much faith in their Creator as I could ever hope to have. Why else can these people deal so well during the last few weeks we’ve had at church where people are dying left and right? I only wish I could deal with the last few weeks with as much strength and grace as they did.

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  1. The faith of some warriors is so amazing. It reminds me often of the faith of Job. 🙂 How encouraging these people can be. Keep us updated Jen!

  2. I pretty-much need to be doing something or I need to have my eyes open when I pray. To keep my eyes closed is too distracting. Washing dishes, looking at candles, or walking are the best times for me to pray.

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