Meet Brett

This is Brett.


Cute, isn’t he?

He lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. I found out about his status on Reece’s Rainbow thanks to Leila of Orphan Report. Leila is completely smitten with him but she’s already the Guardian Angel of two children and after prayer, I emailed them and asked if I could be the Guardian Angel for Brett.

According to his bio on the site:

Boy, born September 2007

Brett is a handsome young man who was born with CP. He is very smart, he gets around on his own by crawling, but he is not able to walk. Therapy will do wonders for him! He deserves to have a family!

From a volunteer who knows him: He plays with other children. He speaks with separate words. He understands the addressed speech. The boy is curious, likes classes. He loves when his nurse reads for him, he likes making pyramids.

The 4 year old sounds like Daniel in so many ways and I know from my experience with Daniel that with some physical therapy, he could learn to walk eventually. As much as I would love to take him home, there’s no way I could take care of both him and Daniel so I’m doing the next best thing: advocating to find him a “forever family” and fundraise so they can bring him home.

It takes around $25,000 for an international adoption and he only has $42.50 in his account to put toward said adoption. Please consider going to his page and making a donation.

There will be more posts about him in the future as well as a blog dedicated to bringing him home (once I get taxes done).

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  1. Praise God for your advocacy of this beautiful little boy! Thank you for stepping up and stepping out in faith. 🙂

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