7 Quick Takes: Jesus Music, Political Grumping, and Brett’s Blogathon

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

I downloaded a Mandisa song. Hades hath officially frozen over. It’s the “Good Morning” song and I got it off iTunes because I love the Toby Mac section in which he starts out going, “Top of the morning to ya ‘Disa!” It got stuck in my head and I finally had to download the song to get it out. I would normally rather have my nails pulled out with pliers than listen to Mandisa but this song is OK even if it has a “Jesus is my boyfriend” feel. Here’s the video:

— 2 —

The song blowing me away at the moment is “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” by Casting Crowns. Casting Crowns does it again in coming up with a song that is completely quotable. I honestly can’t come up with a “best” lyric because it’s all wonderful. The more interesting of the lyric videos is below.

— 3 —

In case anyone doesn’t normally read my blog, I have a cool eclipse pic. My suburb of Sacramento was too far south to get the full ring but I got what looks like a cat’s eye. My parents brought eclipse glasses up with them when they came for the communal birthday on Saturday so I got to watch it staring at the sun. It was quite spectacular and if Jon hadn’t had baccalaureate on Sunday night, we might have gone north to a place where we could get the full ring. Here’s the pic:

The eclipse from my porch.

— 4 —

I’ve had large amounts of insomnia which leads to naps while Daniel is at preschool. I’ve found that if NPR or Airline Pilot Guy don’t manage to put me to sleep, a good episode of old school “Mythbusters” does. Explosions calm me. If only I could get “World’s Wildest Police Chases” or COPS streaming on Netflix

— 5 —

I’m continuing to be thankful for my pledge not to discuss electoral politics this election season. I’m blown away by the rhetoric from both sides in the presidential, Congressional, and Prop 29 campaigns. Some of it, especially in the presidential campaign, are outright lies. I knew our country was polarized but seriously… get a grip, people. Even if you think someone is a complete idiot for supporting the candidate they do, you don’t have to be rude about it. I wish I could actually do some of my own campaigning but it would really not be good to do as the pastor’s wife. Anything I say/do reflects on Jon and has the significance of Jon saying it which isn’t great because he and I are on opposite sides of the political coin.

— 6 —

The one thing we do agree on is that the “No on 29” campaign is the work of Satan in the form of the tobacco companies. It’s absolutely hideous that those monsters have come into California and are outspending the “Yes on 29” campaign 8-1. I don’t believe smokers have rights. It’s a filthy and disgusting habit and I think it should have as high a tax as possible to discourage people from doing it. I also believe those jerks who drop their butts on highways and streets should have to dodge cars to pick them up. I definitely don’t believe it should be allowed in any public place, especially since I’m asthmatic and cigarette smoke triggers respiratory distress in both me and Daniel. I’d love to make the people who land us in the hospital pay our ER bills. OK… off my soapbox.

— 7 —

Even though Brett’s Blogathon is two months off, I’m working on it now. I have some Pioneer Woman type entries so I’m trying to get the pictures for those while I’m actually cooking them. (I’ll add the text later.) I also need to compile links and such so that I have them at my fingertips for the event. Come check out the fun at http://peacefulwaters.org/brett. While you’re there, consider donating to his adoption fund.


C’mon… he’s really cute and he needs to get to the USA so he can get some therapy for his cerebral palsy.

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8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Jesus Music, Political Grumping, and Brett’s Blogathon

  1. A local radio station hosted a girls’ night out, and some of my Catholic friends and I decided to go. Mandissa was one of the singers, and she seems genuinely nice.

    We love Casting Crowns over here.

    By the way, beautiful photo of the ecclipse!

  2. I’ve been working on my post for you this morning…it’s just been crazy lately! Hope to have it to you later today. 🙂

  3. Dearheart, I must respectfully disagree on the No on 29. Just as not all Christians are screaming Bible-thumpers, not all smokers are raging jerks. I don’t smoke, and never have – in fact I have asthma. But Dean is a most respectful smoker – does not smoke in the house – even when it is snowing outside, NEVER tosses a butt out of the car, in fact, if he happens to be somewhere he cannot dispose of the butt, he will shake out the last little bit of tobacco and put the cold butt in his case.

    Finally, I believe the money gathered from this tax will be as well managed as the lottery money is for California schools, which is to say that it will be lining pockets, not doing what it is supposed to. Paying more for cigs isn’t going to make people stop; they will do without something else to fund it.

    • Dean is a prince among men (which you and I already know) and one of the exceptions among smokers I encounter. I’ve seen so many people lately tossing butts from windows and just tossing them on the ground… even if a trash can is a few feet away.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Casting Crowns video! I don’t think I’d ever listened to them before, but I really enjoyed it. About smokers…in NC where tobacco is grown, smoking seems to be a rite of passage unfortunately. I can’t stand it and was so grateful when restaurants here were no longer allowed to have “smoking sections.”

  5. I agree on #6, but unfortunately, I don’t think a $1 tax will do much of anything. Now, if they make it to where a pack of cigarettes costs more than a tank of gas, then that may deter some people. But until then, smokers will continue smoking.

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