7 Quick Takes: Olympic Musings and Purging My Brain

7 Quick Takes

I was blogathonning last week so I didn’t get to purge my brain at all. For that reason, these quick takes might not be especially quick.

— 1 —

OMG… the Opening Ceremonies!!!!! The Opening Ceremonies were awesome even if NBC messed up its coverage of them. I would have preferred if Cwm Rhondda was sung in Welsh but the children’s choirs were breathtaking. I loved the transition from the pastoral scene to the smoke stacks to the firing of the Olympic Rings. The queen was a wonderful Bond girl and Rowan Atkinson was delightful. I had a great time critiquing the uniforms chosen by each country for the Parade of Nations and I loved the way they lit the torch. It was so much better than Beijing.

— 2 —

One thing that blew me away was how beautiful the Muslim women athletes were. I’m not going to lie — I was live-tweeting my thoughts on the uniforms. Canada didn’t seem to get the memo on dressing up for the occasion and Germany’s uniforms were… different. The Muslim women, though, were just stunning. The Jordanian flag bearer wasn’t wearing her hijab but her dress was beautiful. Other Muslim women were wearing the most beautiful scarves and dresses or pants suits that just looked so elegant. Given that there’s all the hullabaloo over laws in Europe banning the burqa, it was awesome to see the athletes proving that they could be faithful to their beliefs and still just blow everyone else out of the water in terms of dress. I also loved the bermuda shorts of the delegation from Bermuda, the saris on the Indian women (again, very elegant), and the dashikis worn by the African women.

— 3 —

I am thankful to have seen the events that I’ve been able to watch. I was home sick from church on Sunday so I got to watch the women’s road race. It was making me jealous because I would have loved to be in the British countryside. All of the gymnastics has been worth watching, especially seeing the British men get bronze on Monday and the US women mopping the floor with the competition to win the gold on Tuesday. Swimming has yet to disappoint (I’m also happy to see new blood on the podium though I’m still a fan of Michael Phelps) and I’ve loved soccer and the diving competitions.

— 4 —

There’s a new priest’s wife in town! Coptic Dad & Mom is the blog of a tasoni, the wife of a Coptic Orthodox priest’s wife. For those not in the know, Copts are the native Christians in Egypt who had been there for centuries when the Muslims arrived. Their spiritual head used to be Pope Shenouda (I just discovered that he passed away a few months ago), their Holy See is Alexandria, and their worship language is Coptic. There’s a Wikipedia article on them here though I don’t know how accurate it is in total. Go visit her blog and show her some love.

— 5 —

For kicks, I looked into what I’d have to do to become part of the Sacramento Choral Society. I’ve been missing being part of a choir like that and in the event that I could get all my ducks in a row, I wanted to see if it would be even possible to pass the audition. Their fall concert is Fauré’s Requiem and Vivaldi’s Gloria. Yeah… been there, sung those — or at least I’ve sung the Requiem and the first movement of the Vivaldi. It made it bearable to listen to someone blather on about their (non-existent) musical skills last night because I knew that I could actually be part of an elite choir in Sacramento if I so chose.

— 6 —

I actually hit the point where I don’t really care about watching Big Brother tonight. I’ll probably go online and check out the ending to see who goes home and if the coaches get to play, but the thought of watching Mike Boogie, Joe, and Frank has kind of turned me off of this season. There are also other things I could be watching this week besides a show in which people try to lie/cheat/screw each other out of $500K.

— 7 —

Tomorrow is looking like a long day. Daniel has an audiology appointment tomorrow morning and then I have to come home and pack really quickly for San Jose. I’ve basically got to be at my parents’ house by 3 which means I want to leave my house by 12:30. Hopefully Jon can get some laundry done while I’m gone tomorrow morning…

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Olympic Musings and Purging My Brain

  1. #5 I’m part of the Schola Cantorum at my parish, and I love it. People say I sing very well, but I don’t read music, so i feel lucky just to have made it in. I’m a baritone.

  2. Oh my, the opening ceremonies! That was an awesome evening! I got a chuckle out of the Czech delegation’s wellingtons and the hair of the Israeli flag bearer’s hair was even worse than Harel Skaats (though very much the same basic concept).

  3. I want to echo every word you said @ the opening ceremonies. Spectacular. Magnificent. No doubt about it.

    How did the blogathon go? I didn’t get to check in later in the day….

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