The Obamas celebrating the President's re-election.
(Image c/o Reuters/Larry Downing and taken from Yahoo News)

I’m just here to say that I’m incredibly relieved at the outcome of the election because of what it means for me: not being able to be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions as of 2014. I’ve been worried about this for four years and some of the weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

My Quick Takes this Friday will deal with the election and I promise there will be no gloating.

One thought on “Forward!

  1. I was thinking about you this morning and how the election went in your favor 🙂 No hard feelings. It is what it is. But I have a question. (Feel free to answer privately.) This question just came to me as I thought about you since you are the most political blogger I know. I am genuinely curious how you feel on pro-life/pro-choice issues. And, if you are pro-life, how do you feel voting for a pro-choice candidate?

    I know there are other issues that are probably more important to you personally (especially in regards to health care), but I was just thinking about you as a pastor’s wife and pro-life issues.

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