WE HAVE AN INTERNSHIP SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Newark, Ohio.

A: 2
B: 5
C: 15

Ironically, this is the way I thought it might turn out. More people do prefer straight contemporary worship than plain traditional worship, but the majority of people like a mixture or like both pretty equally. I’ve had Catholics, Lutherans (both LCMS and ELCA), Methodists, Reformed, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Orthodox, and people with very mixed backgrounds respond. Respondents have come from fields such as Biology, Religion, Literature, Theatre, Music, Sociology,and Classics.

Pastor Rauch (Jon’s internship supervisor) took us to lunch at the Monk (the upscale pub across the street from the sem) and it was really nice. We had good conversation, excellent food, and an interesting atmosphere. I was definitely the most casual person in the room as people were in business casual clothing and I was in nice jeans and a nice sweatshirt. One rule I loved: no cell phones allowed. 🙂 (Ringing cell phones in chapel and in class and other public places drive me up the wall!) I had a Mediterranean Vegetable Salad which was OK and some sourdough bread which reminded me of home. (It was the best sourdough I’ve had outside of California.)

Jon is at an Ascension service tonight so I’m chilling at the apartment. It’s so nice to have a quiet night. While I’m home by myself, I’m putting the bulletin together for the worship demo that I’m doing with Robin next week. I love doing the bulletins so it should be really fun.

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