The Proverbs 31 Project

Proverbs 31 Project

It was Rachel’s fault.

I had read her second book twice through at Christmas (as well as her first one) and my brain was pondering what Proverbs 31 looked like in our world today. Consulting a few different translations, I came up with “woman of valor” and “valiant woman”. Rachel did an excellent job of taking it literally in A Year of Biblical Womanhood but I had a weird thought one night about it…

We’ve all read Proverbs 31 and heard it applied to us. What does it mean for us in our daily lives? What is it in these verses that makes us valiant women?

I decided to branch out on this and asked my Cathsorority chicas and a few other female friends if they’d be interested in exploring this with me so I have some guest posters for the next few weeks. I asked my friend Rebecca if she could make me a graphic for a guest posting series and above is what she created.

I’ve heard from many women that this particular passage makes them feel unworthy and I think we need to change that.


Rebecca sent me the credits for her image. They are…

-Ruby Image courtesy of Boykung /
-Celtic Cross: Wikimedia Commons
-Candle Picture: Stockvault