7 Quick Takes: Secret $tarbux Menu, Health Grumping, and the Olympics.

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Secret menu at $tarbux. This is probably not as cool as the secret menu at In-n-Out but it’s cool to know that $tarbux has a secret menu of drinks that baristas can make.

— 2 —

Tom Brokaw. Tom Brokaw is battling multiple myeloma which is the same cancer that my father-in-law has been fighting for 4 years. I’ll be interested to hear the various ways he will treat it, having been privy to what is going on in research on this cancer in the last few years.

— 3 —

Olympics. The Opening Ceremony was interesting and I’ve had fun watching the snowboarding and slopestyle-skiing. I’m kind of meh about the figure-skating in all honesty though I’m kind of amused that Yevegny Plushenko had to drop out, especially because there was a controversy with him being given too generous scores in the team competition. I’m kind of rooting for the Filipino male skater who qualified for the medals round because it would be cool if he made the podium.

— 4 —

Grumping. The mutant death cold that took my voice away last week evolved into a respiratory infection so I was put on Augmentin. Well, Augmentin caused ummm… a secondary problem so I had to have two doses of Diflucan called in. Have I mentioned that taking Augmentin and Diflucan together does not do good things to my stomach? I’m hoping that all of this eventually gets cleared up — I’m not getting much done on errands because I’m so tired and needing to sleep. Let’s not even go into why my fibro started flaring at this point…

— 5 —

Special intention. For those praying for my special intention, we’re still needing prayers for discernment. Please and thank-you. 🙂

— 6 —

The Jen Lancaster book. I’m having to put The Tao of Martha aside because it’s just really not holding my attention. I mean, it’s funny in its own way but it’s not really piquing my interest because I hate domestic things and Martha Stewart falls into that category. I’ll be sending it back to my mother-in-law who is a Martha Stewart groupie and will get a whole lot more out of it.

— 7 —

Orphans. Do you see these beautiful children?

L-R: Brett and Iris

Brett still needs a mama. Iris finally has a family committed to her and they were supposed to have met her on the 29th.

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Secret $tarbux Menu, Health Grumping, and the Olympics.

  1. I was on a conference call when Plushenko had his dramatic exit last night so I only sort of caught it. Men’s ins’t my favorite part anyway, but I am disappointed I’ve had to miss so much this year…I keep sighing and telling myself four years from now it might all be different. Yeah, I know I’m fooling myself.

  2. Mutant death cold: I kind of know about those but I’m pretty sure that people with fibro get a much worse version than I do. I’m a sucker for bronchitis myself (those little virus critters can just see the big target on my bronchial tubes!)

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