7 Posts in 7 Days: The Big Purse Dump!

Kendra at Catholic All Year had the idea of doing a purse dump. So…

My black purse.
My lovely purse from Thirty One.

The contents.
The contents

Let’s see…

[+] Wallet. This would be my driver’s license, credit cards, store discount cards, some stamps, and a couple gift cards.

[+] My WIC paperwork. My WIC checks, booklet, some necessary paperwork like my husband’s paystubs, and proof of Daniel’s tests for lead and iron are in this packet.

[+]Cosmetic case. This would be my Lactaid pills, Immodium AD, nail clippers, emery board, some chapstick from Burt’s Bees, lotion, my inhaler, a comb, and a mirror.

[+] Religious paraphernalia. This would be my Rosary (made by Sara of A Shower of Roses) and a chaplet (made by Rebecca of Literary Spring Designs). Can you tell that I (the Lutheran pastor’s wife) hang with Catholics?

[+] Contents of the front zippered pocket. This would be my checkbook and passport. I have my passport in there because my driver’s license is a royal pain to get out of my wallet when I’m buying wine at Trader Joe’s. (Not that they card me anymore…)

[+] Contents of the front pocket. This is where my sunglasses, cell phone, alcohol gel, keys, and day planner live. There were also a few assorted receipts but nothing half as bad as my old purse. (I switched in November.) Oh yes… the “pocket ruby” (to remind me that my worth is far above rubies) from the Bible study I attended last week is in here as well.

[+] Main zippered pocket. I keep my wallet, WIC stuff, cosmetic case, and the spacer for my inhaler in here.

[+] Back pocket. In this pocket, I have some maxi pads, Kleenex (I switched purses the night before a funeral), a picture of Daniel on Santa’s lap looking like “WTF???” (we don’t do Santa with him), a blank thank-you card, two Salvation Army suckers, and a menu for my favorite gyro place in Elk Grove.

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  1. Woah, the WIC vouchers in your state look so different from mine! I thought they were the same nationwide! Cool little tidbit, thanks for sharing your purse contents with us!

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