7 Posts in 7 Days: End Human Trafficking

A few minutes ago, my friend Presley posted this picture of Rand Paul:

Rand Paul demonstrating his commitment to end human trafficking.

(And yes, I’m aware that some of your heads just exploded at me posting a picture of Rand Paul on my blog. It happens.)

I responded by posting this picture:

Me demonstrating my commitment to end human trafficking.

What do the two of us have in common?

The answer: we are both committed to ending slavery and human trafficking.

I first learned of the issue in college and was inspired when I saw Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission speak at Urbana 2000. I’ve raised money for them and used to be on their mailing list. (Now that things are more settled for us, I think I need to get back on it.) As I’ve read about various people’s experiences with the issue, I’ve discovered that there are many who were completely fired up by that talk 13 years ago. I think the thing that really hit home for a lot of us was that he talked about the number 20,000 (the number of students at the conference) and how it relates to the issue worldwide. It was captivating enough that I remember almost every detail of that talk despite fighting bronchitis at the time. (All of us came home from the conference with respiratory ailments of some nature.)

Anyway, I challenge all of you to learn more about the issue and to watch the video above.