It’s my 12th wedding anniversary today (yes, I was a child bride) so I thought I’d list 12 things that I love about my husband Jon.

Jon and I 12 years ago

(And for those who are wondering, the height difference between us is 9 inches. Jon is 5’10” and I’m just a hair below 5’1″.)

01.) He is a totally involved daddy and goes on Daniel’s school field trips with him.

02.) He prays for me daily.

03.) He knows that cleaning the bathroom is the equivalent, in my love language, of getting me a dozen long-stemmed roses. (My house panther Edda eats flowers and my love language is “acts of service”.)

04.) He can (usually) make me laugh when I’m really having a hard time with life.

05.) He can set the Lutheran table grace to just about anything including “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors. (No, I am not kidding.)

06.) He gets Daniel ready for school on days when I haven’t slept well.

07.) He puts up with my neurotic OCD tendencies even when he is tempted to roll his eyes. (OK… he doesn’t roll them too often.)

08.) He is almost always up for an adventure. So far in our marriage, we have had: one pastoral internship, five major moves, three parishes, four cats, and one incredibly cute kid.

09.) He sings/prays with Daniel at bedtime.

10.) He gives me complete control over the remote control and is content to watch DVD’s and stuff on his laptop instead of the big screen TV.

11.) He actually makes an effort to go visit shut-ins and parishioners in the hospital. While it might inconvenience me a little bit, it means the world to them and I’m glad he understands this.

12.) He can talk about just about anything with anyone. I’ve seen him take people who are hostile to Christianity and completely disarm them. He is the reason why I can talk to anyone about faith matters.

Darling, I love you and I can’t wait to see what the next twelve years will be like!

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