Rick’s Friday Five

From Rick:

1) what’s the last movie you saw in a theater, and how was it?
Bend It Like Beckham — fabulous film.

2) what’s the best movie you’ve seen in a theater this year?
Haven’t seen any.

3) what movie are you most looking forward to for the summer blockbuster season?
I don’t really have one that I’m looking forward to per se.

4) what was the last DVD you watched?
Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood

5) would you recommend buying it, renting it or skipping it – and why?
If you’re into chick flicks and you liked the book, buy it or rent it. If you hate chick flicks, ship it. (It’s the definition of a chick flick.)

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One thought on “Rick’s Friday Five

  1. 1. Triplets of Belleville – really enjoyed it, but it could have been done in an hour, instead of 90+ minutes.

    2. Calendar Girls – would like to say The Passion, but I didn’t “enjoy” it at all – I’m glad I saw it, but . . . Calendar Girls was a thoroughly enjoyable chick flick.

    3.Ummm – being out in nature at our new house? Not even sure what’s coming out.

    4. Don’t have DVD – but the last video we watched was “Invasion of the Neptune Men” via MST3000.

    5. Not available to rent afaik – it was okay. Some of the MST3000 stuff I like better than others.

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