Homer and Jethro

My parents “took delivery” on the two kittens around Easter and they finally (!!!!!!) sent me back some pictures.

Homer and Jethro napping on the afghan I made Mom last year
The young princes napping on the afghan I made Mom for Mother’s Day. Homer is the gray cat and Jethro is the tiger.

The princes stalking a Lunardi's bag.
The young princes stalking a Lunardi’s bag.

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5 thoughts on “Homer and Jethro

  1. ohhhloookitthelittlebabyKIIIITTTIEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!

    awww, Homer resembles my Smokerhead.

  2. Seeing pictures of kittens makes me want kittens. We have 4 cats already, we don’t need any more, but I want a cuddly kitten. Not that Dean would let me get another one, as much as he loves cats . . .

  3. I WANT I WANT I WANT. Except for the shedding, and the dander, an the litter boxes, that is…

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