#5Faves: Miscellanea (XL)



Cool weather. It’s supposed to get into the 90’s here in San Jose over the next few days. Have I mentioned a bunch of times that I hate heat? My parents also don’t have A/C so this should be *interesting*. Have I mentioned that my happy place is the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia?


Nadia Bolz-Weber. My priest quoted her on Sunday. She has a new book coming out soon called Accidental Saints and I’m looking forward to it as her book Pastorix was excellent.


Silence. I have it right now and am enjoying it. (Everyone else is asleep.)


Iced vanilla lattés. I seem to be caffeine-binging these days. The one I got from $tarbux today was fabulous.


Officer Mock of the Pittsburgh PD. When he found out that two boys from his boxing gym needed a home, he adopted them. My heart was melting while I read the story.

Go love up Jenna and the others.