The Simple Woman’s Daybook + Answer Me This: July 19, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 19, 2015

Outside my window… dark and probably still raining. It’s the second time this summer I’ve been greeted by serious rain between Pasadena and home on 210 when I’ve been coming back from visiting my parents. Given the fact that California is seriously short on water and that little brush fire in San Bernadino County almost prevented Jon from getting to church this morning, I’m completely content to let it rain and rain and rain.

I am thinking… about the things that await phone calls and efforts tomorrow. Argh. Social Security is *STILL* a mess and I’m hoping that my worker actually follows through and untangles this mess.

I am thankful… for a good week with my parents, time with Rebecca, and being able to attend my church back home.

In the kitchen… I microwaved some frozen pizza for dinner.

I am wearing… black v-neck shirt and navy/white striped pajama bottoms.

I am praying for… a call for Jon, Daniel to retain skills over the summer, patience as I work with Daniel in these coming weeks (not something I possess in large quantities), the marriages of some friends, and some special intentions.

I am going… to watch some Viperkeeper videos when I’m done with this.

I am reading… Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey. I’ve picked it up again and I’m enjoying it.

I am hoping… Daniel sleeps in tomorrow.

I am looking forward to… seeing how far my minion and I can walk tomorrow morning on our death march.

I am hearing… Viperkeeper talking on one of his FAQ videos.

Crocheting… same old same old — amigurumi stuffie and Daniel’s big boy blankie.

Around the house… quiet as almost everyone is asleep.

A favorite quote for today… “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” — Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

One of my favorite things… Coca-Cola. I missed it this last week.

A few plans for the rest of the week: dealing with Social Security, errands, and whatever comes up.

Post Script…

After you’re done reading all of this, go see Kendra and some other superheroes.

Answer Me This

1. What’s currently on your To Do list? Speaking firmly with Social Security, calling to get a radiology referral for x-rays before we see the peds orthopedist, finding ways to help Daniel keep up his skills, and cleaning off my desk/sorting my mail from being gone for 9 days.

2. Better type of superhero: magic/radioactive powers? Or trauma/gadgets/hard work? Hard work and gadgets. I’m the daughter of an engineer and I love figuring out how things work.

3. Finding out if baby is a boy or a girl before birth: Good idea? Bad idea? We chose to with Daniel and I don’t regret it — I don’t think I could have waited to find out. Given that I was in no shape to give them the potential names at Daniel’s birth, I’m glad that I knew ahead of time so that I could give them the name before I was too far gone.

4. Have you ever appeared on a stadium jumbotron? Nope. Never been to a professional sporting event. This will change in September when Jon and I go to the Episcopal Dodgers Night. I have been informed by my priest that I may wear my Giants socks (note to self: acquire some!) but that I am not allowed to boo Clayton Kershaw or Yasiel Puig. Whatever!

5. Are you more book smart or more street smart? I’m actually both, depending on the topic. If there’s something I want to do, I’ll read on it or do some trial and error to figure it out.

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