7 Quick Takes: Life’s A Beach!

7 Quick Takes

I’m unexpectedly hanging out with my parents in northern California for a week longer than planned so Dad suggested that the four of us (him, my mom, Daniel, and me) go to the beach as Daniel had never been before and it would give us a chance to tire him out. It was a wonderful trip but it has also meant that with software updates and my laptop being pissy, I’m just now writing my Quick Takes at almost 1 a.m.! So… here are seven beach pictures.

— 1 —

The Pacific Ocean near Watsonville, CA.


— 2 —

Daniel checking out the waves.


— 3 —

Daniel with Grandma Kathy (my mom).


— 4 —

Daniel and I examining some kelp. (The bandana on my head is to prevent my scalp from frying.)


— 5 —

Headed north in search of sand dollars.


— 6 —

Mom and I swinging Daniel into the water.


— 7 —

Holding on to Daniel in order to keep him from getting knocked over by waves.


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