7 Quick Takes: 31 Days of Writing, the Pope Meeting with Kim Davis, and Cat Piles

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

31 Days of Writing. Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my life, I’m taking part in 31 Days of Writing. I happened to see the button on Bobbi’s blog and spontaneously decided to go for it. My topic: a month of gluten-free life. Keep checking the sticky post at the top of this blog every day this month for my ruminations on my experiment of giving up gluten.

— 2 —

It’s about freaking time! Fibromyalgia is now recognized as a legit diagnosis in ICD-10 codes for healthcare billing. It’s so nice that the medical community finally realizes that I’m not making all of this up and have a legit reason for how crappy I feel much of the time.

— 3 —

Why I do not stand with Planned Parenthood. 10 years ago, I would have been horrified that people were trying to defund Planned Parenthood. Now, I say, “do it.” Why is this? I wholeheartedly believe that if government funding was cut, Planned Parenthood could survive. All those services they claim to do that aren’t abortions are ones the community health clinics provide… for free. No Planned Parenthood site owns a mammogram machine so the claim that they do breast cancer screenings is pretty much shot there.

The largest reason that I fail to stand with Planned Parenthood is that I believe abortion is murder, pure and simple. I have friends who have had them and every one of them (and I’m talking a very diverse group of women that covers multiple ethnic groups and religions) regrets it. I’ve had people tell me that they believe in abortion in the event that the mother’s life is at risk and as someone who was in that situation 6 1/2 years ago, I want to smack those people upside the head. If the mother’s life is at risk, they do an emergency c-section to deliver the baby but they don’t intentionally kill it in the process. If it’s below 24 weeks gestation, it will probably live for only a few minutes but they still give the kid a chance at life.

One thing that causes me chills is the fact that when blood tests came back elevated for Down Syndrome, everyone jumped into action to get me a 3-D ultrasound as fast as possible so that they could do amnio and abort because, OMG, why should I be saddled with a kid with Down Syndrome? I made it very clear that I was in favor of the ultrasound but that I’d be keeping Daniel regardless of what they saw. Obviously, he doesn’t have Down Syndrome but he’s got a bunch of other things and I know there are people out there who would comment on how it’s too bad that I couldn’t abort him. Those people simultaneously enrage me and make me sad. It is insanely hard to have a kid with special needs like Daniel and yes, it has meant the death of some of the plans I’ve had for my life. Guess what? Those plans needed to die because my life is a far better place with Daniel in it.

— 4 —

Pope Francis and Kim Davis. The Vatican is not denying that the Pope met with Kim Davis while he was in the States last week and I’m thinking that someone brought her to DC, Washington, or Philly because he sure as heck did not go to some podunk place in Kentucky. I highly doubt he knew who she was and while he told her to keep on keeping on, I’m pretty sure it was because he was told on the spot about her “conscientious objecting” and it being a matter of “religious freedom”. (Both claims are loads of bull feces but none of it surprises me.) I find this piece from America Magazine as a good source for interpreting this alleged event.

And for the morons who are making this into the Pope supporting Kim Davis and going off about how this legitimizes her case, I have this to say to you:

Just stop talking.

— 5 —

More on Kim Davis. Someone told me that the Family Research Council gave her an award. Here’s the story. My thoughts on the matter: people do realize that this is the group that employed child molester and adulterer Josh Duggar as their spokesperson, right? I kind of doubt their qualifications to make decent judgements.

— 6 —

Why has nobody bought this for me?!?!?!?!? This game is like Jenga but has you stacking wooden cats instead of blocks. I think I seriously need this.

— 7 —

Because Simcha. Here’s another fabulous piece from Simcha Fisher on how your family is not your brand. Perfect people with perfect families are utterly boring. In fact, people documenting their perfect family meals and perfect family celebrations kind of make me suspect that the blogger is hiding something. I understand the need to put one’s best self forward (and there are a number of punches I pull on this blog) but people who try to make themselves look like “mother of the year” are people whose blogs I’m liable to skip over in the small amount of time I have to read blogs every day.

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: 31 Days of Writing, the Pope Meeting with Kim Davis, and Cat Piles

  1. This is my 3rd year of doing the 31 Days of Blogging thing. I enjoy it each year…I like having a challenge. This year I’m writing on different words each day and then I’m writing about Virtual Assistant tips on my VA site.

    3-There was a TV show a few weeks ago the girl found out she was pregnant with a baby with downsyndrome and TONS of people on the show were trying to talk them into getting an abortion including tons of “it’s my body i can do whatever I want” drama to the guy. They even went to this awesome school for kids with special needs that seemed awesome. So far it looks like they are keeping the baby so we’ll see what happens.

    Yeah the Kim Davis stuff is weird I’m not sure what to believe…like I guess i t’s possible they did meet but like you said I’m sure the pope didn’t really know or understand everything that went on.

    • It seriously scares the pants off me that so many people would say “abort the DS baby” or the spina bifida baby or any child who isn’t perfect. Even when I was pro-choice, I would *NEVER* have advocated something like that. It is bloody hard being the mom of a special needs kid and there are times when I resent how hard it is; but I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I’d aborted Daniel. Not to mention, the kiddo is helping me to Heaven by purging every ounce of selfishness from me. He’s also a fantastic cuddler. 🙂

  2. All these great takes: this is why after stumbling across your blog all those years ago through Quick Takes, I still heart you.
    But ‘Cat Pile’? The name creeps me out.

  3. Thanks for resharing that post by Simcha, I checked it out briefly before but the title and your description are just SO good and I have to go back and reread.

  4. You know, I clicked on this to read what you have to say on current events and was, frankly, planning to find us in disagreement. And yet we are not! Amazing hahaha… I especially appreciated your view on the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis. The media is so desperate to pigeon-hole this Pope–either as a new age progressive or “just another conservative”… I’m tired of human beings being treated like Democrats/Republicans/Stereotypical Christians… People have brains, most of us use them, and we come to different conclusions. It’s normal, natural, and should not be squashed! Point is <3 for you and <3 for Daniel.

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