31 Days of Gluten-Free Life: Attempting to Make Smart Decisions

31 Days of Gluten-Free Life

I was half-craving Arby’s today and saw one I could go through while I was on I-5 heading home. I was all prepared to go through, order 2 Jr. Roast Beef sandwiches to dissect and remove the beef when I saw that they only served Pepsi products. As a Coke drinker, this is blasphemy and besides… Pepsi tastes like chemicals!!!

I was feeling all good about myself for feeling mindful of my eating and not wasting food until I ended up at Carl’s Jr. for dinner… and ended up dissecting the lettuce wrap they made me because I hate lettuce and could not stomach the thought of using it as a bun. Yeah Jen… way to not waste food!

Anyway, my adventures in *NOT* eating gluten have made me aware of what I *could* be eating on the road and why I should be avoiding it. Now to put it into practice…