{five favorites}: Favorite Regional Center Workers

{five favorites}

Unless you’ve been living under a rock today, you probably heard about the shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino. This completely horrifies me because my son Daniel receives services through the local Regional Centers where we’ve lived in California. For an explanation of what they do, click here. In the mean time, here are my 5 favorite Regional Center workers.


Pat. Pat was our service coordinator through the Alta California Regional Center until Daniel’s 3rd birthday. She got us hooked up with Easter Seals who provided him with an infant program, physical therapy, and speech therapy. She also got us an occupational therapist when Easter Seals couldn’t provide one. I think the best thing she did was get me through Daniel’s autism diagnosis, being present with me for the ADOS and then getting me ABA training.


Rose. Rose was the respite worker who the San Gabriel-Pomona Regional Center provided through one of the agencies with whom they contract. She allowed Jon and I to have date nights and also hooked us up with VIP Soccer. She loved Daniel and was just the perfect person for him.


Jennifer. Jennifer was the occupational therapist provided by the Alta California Regional Center. A lot of her job was getting Daniel to engage and experience new textures and work on his grips. She also got him drinking from a sippy cup.


Maggie. Maggie was our service coordinator with San Gabriel-Pomona Regional Center. She was incredibly patient with Daniel, rejoiced when I’d call and give her progress reports, and was instrumental in helping us find a dentist for him in southern California.


Sara. Sara was the physical therapist we got through Easter Seals which is the provider used by Alta California Regional Center so I count her in this. I loved her so much and she was so good with my kiddo that I kept her as a Facebook friend after Daniel turned 3 and the school district took over the physical/speech/occupational therapy. She talked me down off of numerous figurative ledges every time Daniel got a scary diagnosis. I repeat her words frequently: “we treat the kids, not the diagnoses.”

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  1. The shooting sounded horrible, but it must have hit WAY too close to home for you. Hugs to you, and prayers to everyone who was affected by it.

  2. Sounds like you have had a beautiful group of people in your family’s lives…such a blessing! Thanks so much for linking up.

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