Pick Jen’s Lenten Discipline!

It’s that time of year again!

What time of year is that, Jen?

It’s time to pick my Lenten discipline!

But why would I do that?


a.) It’s fun.

b.) I have no spiritual father to suggest one for me.

c.) It helps me grow.

d.) Why not?

So… here’s how it works: You go down below and click on the Rafflecopter. The only mandatory one is to leave me a blog comment with what you would pick for me. You also have the option of going and liking my Facebook page and doing a daily tweet about the giveaway. A winner is chosen on February 5th and has until noon PST on February 9th to give me my Lenten discipline.

A couple rules/requests though.

1.) Whatever you pick needs to be something possible for me to do.

2.) If you want to suggest something dietary for me, keep in mind that I’m pre-diabetic (*shakes fist at PCOS for making me insulin resistant*) so I *DO* need to eat at regular intervals and I can’t do a bread and water fast.

3.) I have a kiddo with sleep issues so please don’t make me give up coffee. That would be cruel and unusual punishment for me and for those who have to live with me and interact with me on a daily basis.

4.) If you want to assign me spiritual reading, please make sure that whatever you assign me is downloadable onto my NOOK. (Just go check to see if it’s a NOOK book on BarnesandNoble.Com.)

I look forward to seeing what y’all pick for me!

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7 thoughts on “Pick Jen’s Lenten Discipline!

  1. Hi Jen–delurking after several visits from 7QT (mine should be up later today). I love your reflections on faith and parenting and totally empathize with the beloved challenging son relationship (different diagnosis over here). He was really aggressive and I live with PTSD and my husband wasn’t great at stepping up to join me in boundary setting. So ages 9 to 18 were super hard on me and our marriage and I am very grateful for the healing we have found now that he is 19 and independent. Hugs and prayers as you move through the trenches.

    I adore the psalms especially because they show God welcoming total honesty of all emotions including the ones humans shame as negative like anger and lament. So my suggestion to you this Lent would be to engage them–whether praying one per day or in the context of the Daily Office is you enjoy that.

  2. PS my new blog is Inclusive Ignatian Spirituality (http//newignatianspirituality.com) if you’re interested–I think it didn’t link above cause it’s blogger and not wordpress.

  3. Heading to Rafflecopter once I post this. I suggest you give up all sugar for Lent. I did it last year, and lost 35 pounds – and it really is a challenge. You will have to be vigilant however, as sugar is in EVERYTHING: salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, yogurt, you name it. If you are a yogurt fan like me, go with plain, and add your own fruit in (and maybe 1/4 cup raw oatmeal).

  4. Hahahahaha… your prompt is “Let me know what you’re thinking” and I’m thinking “I am neither cool enough nor creative enough to come up with a Lenten discipline for Jen” 😀 :D… You know what? Ok, I suggest you read my favorite of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III’s books: Calmness. It’s available in multiple formats and pdf (but I’ll check the nook thing too). I have another idea, but I think it’s overstepping. If I win, we can powpow via e-mail. Also, can I just say… I really really really really wanna do a giveaway of some kind… I’m going to look into Rafflecopter… So thanks for the inspo :D!

  5. Hevel: Give up Starbucks for lent, learn to make a quasi fancy coffee drink at home or invent your own, and while you drink your home made vanilla lattes with real things rather than flavoured corn syrup, read This is My God.

  6. Pray the Divine Mercy Chalet daily: offer it each day for a particular person you know/know of who needs to experience God’s mercy. #YearOfMercy

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