7 Quick Takes: Video Bucket List

7 Quick Takes

It’s my birthday week so I thought I’d do something “different” and do my Quick Takes in video form. The text is below and can also be found by clicking on “Continue reading…” if you happen to have surfed over to this entry on my blog.

— 1 —

Actually *RUN* a 5K without stopping. Due to asthma and too many injuries, I can’t run though I do love to walk. I’ve wanted to do the couch-to-5K challenge a number of times but I always seem to start having issues with my knees or my ankles. I keep thinking that I’ll eventually be able to heal things well enough to be able to try, but it hasn’t happened yet.

— 2 —

Take part in a performance of Bach’s Mass in b minor, including being chosen for the concertini sections. For those who are new to my blog, I am a classical music snob and a die-hard Bach fan. This is a work that can bring me to tears and given my love for it and for baroque music, I would love to be able to sing it and even be chosen as a member of the select group that performs the concertini parts. Maybe some day when I can do community choir stuff again?

— 3 —

Perform “O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion” at a performance of Handel’s Messiah. I am an alto and I’ve sung the Christmas section of the Messiah a number of times. While I’d also like to be part of a performance of the entire work, this happens to be one of my favorite solos and one that I taught myself on a drive between San Jose and southern California last year.

— 4 —

Return to Ireland and see more of England than just a few sights in London. I had the opportunity to visit Ireland with my family 18 years ago and I’d really like to go back. It was just a magical place for me as I’m Irish-American, it’s considered “the homeland”. We had a 24-hour layover in London on that trip so we got to go see the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey (pilgrimage for me as I’m Episcopalian), and Buckingham Palace. I’d like to see more of London but also see other parts of England and Scotland.

— 5 —

Visit Hawaii and go snorkeling. I got to snorkel when I went to Chapter Camp on Catalina Island and while that was pretty darn amazing, I would really love to do it in Hawaii where the water is warmer and I would be able to see more interesting fish. My twin brother has gotten to go to Hawaii twice for work and I’m a little jealous. 🙂

— 6 —

Visit Australia and New Zealand. My great-grandfather was from New Zealand (his ancestors were Welsh and Irish) and there’s a statue in Auckland for which he posed. We’ve got the scanned pictures of his last trip home to visit family at the beginning of the 20th century and my grandparents have been a couple times. Currently, one of my younger cousins is living in Australia and her mother and sister are over there visiting her. I will admit that all the nature shows I watch have me terrified of being bitten by snakes or eaten by a crocodile; but I’m sure I’d be OK. New Zealand is on the list because of the natural beauty.

— 7 —

Visit Israel and Egypt. I’m a scholar of religion and the two I focused on were Christianity and Islam. I’d love to visit Israel and see all the places Jesus saw and walked as well as visiting Egypt to see the pyramids and some of the temples.

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