31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs: And So It Begins

31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs

So here we are again. The Write 31 Days challenge is upon us and I had to come up with a topic for this month. As it is constantly on my mind these days, I picked “parenting kiddos with special needs”. I am hoping that whatever I write will help to encourage or educate or at least resonate with someone and make them feel less alone in their parenting.

This post will be stuck at the top of my blog for all of October so that y’all can have links to the things I am writing.

For the sake of disclosure, the graphic for this event is a picture of Daniel taken by his physical therapist at a park date with her in December 2011 and altered in MS Paint. (Canva wasn’t doing it for me this time.)

Day 01: My Story
Day 02: Developmental Delays
Day 03: Autism
Day 04: ADHD
Day 05: IEP’s and 504 Plans
Day 06: Blogger Spotlight on Mary of “Passionate Perseverance”
Day 07: Blogger Spotlight on Kelly of “This Ain’t The Lyceum”
Day 08: Doctors
Day 09: Information Literacy
Day 10: School Choices
Day 11: You Know You’re The Mom of A Developmentally Delayed Kid…
Day 12: ID Bracelets
Day 13: Checking In
Day 14: Snarky Answers to Stupid Remarks
Day 15: Blogger Spotlight on Rebecca of “Backwards in High Heels”
Day 16: Choosing Life (I)
Day 17: Choosing Life (II)
Day 18: Autism Speaks
Day 19: A Day in My Life with Daniel
Day 20: Blogger Spotlight on Kathleen of “So Much to Say…”
Day 21: Choosing Life (III)
Day 22: Hospital Bags
Day 23: An Example of Being Thankful in the Midst of Crisis
Day 24: Marital Impact
Day 25: Mental Health
Day 26: A Re-Blogged Guest Post
Day 27: Inspiration Pr0n
Day 28: Autism Sleep Issues
Day 29: Blogger Spotlight on Cammie of “Beyond Pearls”
Day 30: Food Issues
Day 31: Vaccines and Autism

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  1. Thanks so much for the inspiration and if you could pray for me to faithfully engage I would greatly appreciate it! I have signed up and will be focusing on racism and spirituality, especially my own focus area of Ignatian spirituality. I have been wanting to blog about that for a while but had a hard time so hope this commitment will jump-start both by communal support to getting it done– and also lowering the bar to short pieces if necessary, which makes for more effectivee blogging anyway. I also love that it starts on the feast of Therese the Little Flower who recommended doing small things with great love!

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