The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 19, 2016

For Today… September 19, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. We had a wonderful rainy weekend, some sun yesterday, more rain today, and I think we’re clearing up again.

I am thinking… about my Excel/Access class and how I’m going to structure my week to get in the work I need to get done.

I am thankful… that my first Practical Accounting class went well today. It seems like it will be a fun class.

One of my favorite things… Daniel not being wired and going to sleep without a fight. That isn’t going to happen tonight. 🙁 On the other hand, he had a good day of school today.

I am wearing… jammies. My outfit today was my charcoal shirt from Old Navy, jeans from Kohl’s, running shoes from (now defunct) Sport Authority, and my blue hoodie from Costco.

I am creating… this entry. 🙂

I am watching… COPS. It’s an addiction.

I am hoping… the Giants make it into the wild card game.

I am learning… about accounting basics and balance sheets.

In my kitchen… Dad made a fabulous tri-tip yesterday for Sunday dinner.

In the school room… Daniel continues to have a fabulous time in his class.

Post Script…

Shared Quote… I saw this on Facebook and it seemed appropriate. (Artwork done by Lori Hetteen.)

This seems to apply to my life.

A moment from my day… One of my favorite songs to use when working with Confirmation kids.

Closing Notes: I am honestly disgusted that Ashley Madison (the dating site for lechers has a commercial on DISH Network’s non-local channels. Its existence is horrible in the first place but encouraging people to step out on their significant others is evil.

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