{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXXVI)



Seeing my community come together following the local shooting on Friday. (For those who don’t read my blog normally, the Cascade Mall shooting was local for me.) The small shrine at the mall sign is growing still, the vigil held on Monday night was very well-attended, and there’s even a prayer wall composed of two pieces of butcher paper at the college.

Sarai Lara, the 15 year old killed in the shooting, was a student at my town’s high school and the principal created a GofundMe account for memorial t-shirts for all the students. After only two days, it’s been fully funded and I feel really blessed to have gotten to be one of the donors.


This fact-check of Monday’s debate from NPR. I like that they included a transcript of the debate and nested the fact-check blurbs into it so that you can read the transcript and see the various blurbs in context. (Props to Laura of Coptic Dad and Mom for bringing it to my attention.)


This piece on Philip Yancey from HuffPo Religion. Apparently, I’m in good company in being baffled by evangelical support of Donald Trump. Yancey comes from a fundamentalist background and went more mainstream evangelical so I’m not surprised that he is not a fan of Trump. For an understanding of why I’m saying this, read What’s So Amazing About Grace? and Vanishing Grace.


This piece on the value of being alone. Who knew that my need for “mama time” was such a good thing? 🙂


Singing in my church choir. Getting to go sing for 60-90 minutes on Wednesday nights and on Sunday mornings is divine. (No pun intended.) Tonight involved some Mendelssohn, Holst, and gospel.

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