7 Quick Takes: I Believe Them Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

This should go without saying but… I believe Judge Roy Moore’s accusers. Why? Reasons.

— 2 —

Simcha’s take. Simcha Fisher does a fabulous job of talking about why the victims stayed quiet for so long.

— 3 —

*facepalms* I just saw the news about Al Franken and I’m pissed. Unlike Moore, however, he has apologized and I’m going to leave it up to him and the Senate to hash out his punishment because I trust him to do the right thing. (I don’t trust Moore as far as I can throw him.)

— 4 —

Crown me with many crowns… sort of. I went in for my tooth extraction on Wednesday… only to find out that they hadn’t prepped for it and were instead planning to fix one of my other teeth (a simple filling). When I got home, my dad asked why I wasn’t just getting a root canal and a crown. My answer: “Because Medicaid won’t pay for it.” He and my mom offered to pay for it (though I’m going to try and find an endodontist that takes Provider One). So… I’m making appointments for that!

— 5 —

Faith Over Fear Roadshow. I attended this wonderful talk at my church on Monday. (Shout-out to my mama who offered to babysit the kiddo so I could go!) It was wonderful to see Pastor Terry again (he was one of the clergy walking with my mom’s family when my grandfather was dying) and I loved hearing Aneelah speak. I’m bummed that the Q & A session didn’t get recorded. Our church ladies put on a fabulous coffee/tea/dessert spread afterward and the CAIR staff were blown away by the hospitality. (Given the amazing hospitality I’ve been shown at mosques I’ve visited, I’m glad they were welcomed richly and given LOTS of amazing desserts to eat!)

— 6 —

Huh. Tell me about how safe the Keystone XL pipeline was supposed to be and why building it at Standing Rock would endanger the Sioux. I effing dare you.

— 7 —

Advent calendars. Jacquie Lawson is an artist who puts together amazing e-cards and she also does beautiful interactive Advent calendars which are paired with classical or British churc music. Last year’s calendar was a beautiful English seaside village and this year’s calendar has an alpine theme. They are $4.00 apiece with discounts for multiple orders and they really are worth more than that. (I’m not one of her affiliates — I just really love her work!)

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