7 Quick Takes: Minion Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Cat take #1. So this little monster came home with me on Monday. I named him Minion because people plotting global domination (like myself) need minions.

Minion the Cat

Isn’t he cute?

— 2 —

Cat take #2. Minion has decided that he is the same size as our remaining cat Jethro (Homer’s brother) and should charge him and pounce on his tail.

Yeah, Jethro is at least 3-4 times his size and could eat him for a light snack. To his credit, Jet has only smacked him twice and both times were deserved.

— 3 —

Cat take #3. Even with the arrival of Minion, we are still really heartbroken over losing Homer on Sunday and there are still tears shed almost every day. Homer was Jethro’s littermate, became my snuggle buddy when I moved in with my parents in October 2015, and was my homework helper. Minion isn’t a replacement for him and prayers are needed for us as we deal with our broken hearts.

I will say, however, that adopting the little beast the day after losing Homer is helping our hearts a lot. He has taken over Homer’s sleeping spots and he is a snuggly little monster.

— 4 —

Let’s just put this one to rest right now. I’ve had to share this page from Snopes.Com on multiple Facebook posts this week, so let’s just be clear:

Neither Clinton nor Obama passed legislation separating children from their parents at the border. Furthermore, asylum seekers are treated differently than normal immigrants. Lastly, illegal immigration is at a historic low, meaning that THERE IS NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER OTHER THAN THE ONE MANUFACTURED BY 45.

Are we clear?

— 5 —

Strangely believable. This is fabulous. It’s a comedian listing off things his fans reported not being allowed to watch as children.

— 6 —

Cat take #4. My mom just came in holding a little black kitten and asked if I had mentioned to him that the “no kittens on the table” rule applied to the kitchen table as well as the dining room one. Apparently, Minion was disavowing knowledge of that part of the rule.

Silly little monster!

— 7 —

Earworm. You’re welcome!

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