7 Quick Takes: Things That Make Me Stabby Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Special needs blogging Kelly talked posed the question of why you should start a special needs blog. I’ve actually done some.

— 2 —

Things that are making me stabby #1. I’m seeing more and more blogs who have pop-ups advertising their newsletters. It’s obnoxious, and most of them are not blogs that are big enough to really need one. Not to mention, stuff like that belongs on a sidebar and there are a ton of widgets that let you do it.

— 3 —

Things that are making me stabby #2. I’m hearing more and more from parents about “getting” their children into college. 20 years ago when I was applying, *I* did everything except maybe sign certain parts of the application if they needed a signature of a parent and pay the application fees. I filled out all my paperwork, got the letters of recommendation, wrote the essays, etc. All of my classmates did too.

When parents “get” their children into college, I wind up with students who are functionally useless in tutoring and who have no clue as to how to talk to an instructor, plan out their schedule, or do much of anything adult-related. Please, I beg you, MAKE YOUR KIDS DO THEIR OWN APPLICATIONS, FILL OUT THEIR OWN RESIDENTIAL LIFE INFORMATION, AND FILL OUT THEIR OWN FAFSAS. My friends who are instructors, professors, res life people, and college staff concur.

— 4 —

Things that are making me stabby #3. Daniel has a whine that sounds like a dog whining… and he’s been doing it all day.

My child, I love you but KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!

— 5 —

Things that are making me stabby #4. My favorite subreddit just had an explosion and a bunch of people who were banned for legit reasons are now dancing on the wreckage. I’m really hoping the mods ban them across every possible sub for the crap they’re pulling in the wake of this.

— 6 —

Things that make me stabby #6. I’ve had a couple students come in and try to make me troubleshoot things with the testing software on their laptops. When I’ve told them that they need to use the desktops in the lab, they’ve had hissy fits and told me that their instructor TOLD them to come to me and make me fix it.

Witch, please. Do you think your instructor and I don’t discuss these things?!?!? I know full well that your instructor told you to use the computers in the classroom in which you are sitting because those computers are less likely to trip up the testing software than your laptop is. That’s been what instructors have told students for the two years I’ve been here. Oh and by the way? You could have also FINISHED your assignment in the time you just spent yelling at me.

— 7 —

Things that make me stabby #6. People who send you an admin question and then ping you every 5 minutes to see if you’ve spoken with the other admins. It’s like a complete surprise that it *MIGHT* take me 24 hours to get back to them.

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