7 Quick Takes: Last Week’s Thanksgivings Edition

7 Quick Takes

I was discharged from the hospital last Thursday afternoon and replaced my laptop that afternoon as well. (Thanks go to my mom for picking it up for me.) Here are my thanksgivings for things that went well in the hospital.

— 1 —

We discovered the anemia before it got worse. Seriously, I was lucky. My hemoglobin was at 6.6 g/dL when they transfused me and normal for women of my age is 12.0 g/dL. (7.0 and below is the threshold for transfusion.) I’m pretty sure my mom is still rolling her eyes over my comment that “this explains the ice-chewing” when the doctor told me. (One of my classmates actually commented earlier in the quarter that ice-chewing is a sign of anemia and that the hospital has the best ice. She was right on both counts.)

— 2 —

Someone donated the blood that was given to me. Seriously, I’m incredibly thankful for blood donors because this is the SECOND transfusion I’ve received. (The first one was during my first week of life because I’m a preemie.)

— 3 —

Every IV placed was done so without too much pain. I’m quite shocked at how well the ER nurse placed both IV’s in my right arm because it was almost painless. When both of them leaked on Wednesday, my hospital nurse called IV therapy to place one in my left hand, and the young man doing it put some lidocaine in first which made it almost completely painless. Given that it usually takes 2-3 tries and I usually end up in tears, I’m incredibly thankful to them.

— 4 —

My church jumped in to take care of me pastorally. My priest came twice, our prayer person came once, and the Eucharistic visitor came (though he didn’t bring me Communion.) In addition, I had people calling and checking on me as well as multiple messages and cat memes devoted to me on the church’s Facebook page. 🙂 (I’m very spoiled loved.)

— 5 —

Mom and Dad were able to take care of Daniel. Neither of my parents are trained to tube-feed him, so they had to get him to eat… and they did. (Kiddo did not lose any weight while I was in the hospital.) Additionally, they had to get him to take his two inhalers… so Dad taught him how to be a fighter pilot. 🙂 (I was impressed.)

— 6 —

I got a really good ER doctor who took me seriously. When I had the mutant death respiratory thing last January, I got an ER doctor who refused to treat me because I refused steroids. (He also forced me to talk, which wasn’t necessary because I had everything he needed to know written out.) My ER doctor this time took me at my word when I told him that I couldn’t have oral steroids, and he remembered me from treating Daniel in the past. He was incredibly compassionate, asked good questions, and was gentle with his exam. (He also asked how Daniel was doing, which made me even more willing to trust him with my care.)

— 7 —

I had good nurses and student nurses. All of my nurses, student nurses, and CNA’s were delightful. This really does make a difference.

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Last Week’s Thanksgivings Edition

  1. How beautifully things fell to their proper places for you! May the God of providence and compassion continue to take care of you and your family.

  2. God bless you! What a lovely way of dealing with big health problems through thankfulness. I’ve had some little health problems this past week and handled them with considerably less grace, but you’ve really inspired me! Thanks so much and I’ll pray for you.

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