7 Quick Takes: Sumer Is Icumen In Edition

7 Quick Takes

**WARNING** I’m going to get political and say this unapologetically: if you support the evil of taking kids away from their parents and housing them in concentration camp conditions, read this and if you still think there’s nothing wrong with what’s going on and you claim to be a Christian, I pray that God has mercy on you because you are a horrible human being.

My deepest thanks to my friend Sarah for speaking out about all of this on Facebook. I’ve been sharing everything she has posted and some of those things are in this post.

— 1 —

An explanation of the title. I learned this round in high school, and it is a favorite of mine.

Also, people might actually read what I’m about to say if I don’t put that I’m getting political in the title.

— 2 —

Concentration Camp Take #1. How the actual [expletive] do our elected officials not think this is wrong? These statements could very easily have been taken from the concentration camps run by the Nazis.

— 3 —

Concentration Camp Take #2. Do you think that I’m just playing politics? Here is an essay that accurately reflects my religious beliefs on the subject. Bible verses are included.

— 4 —

Concentration Camp Take #3. For those who claim that they would support asylees entering the USA if they were doing it the right way, you might want to read this instead of letting the idiots at Fox News give you bad information.

— 5 —

Concentration Camp Take #4.

The real way Anne Frank died.

— 6 —

Concentration Camp Take #5. Want to help? Here is a place you can donate money to help fight these atrocities legally. Here is another blog post with a list of ways to help.

I will have a post up on Monday morning with a list of all of these things plus addresses for elected officials.

— 7 —

Get killed off for charity! I’m taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo this July and will gladly kill you off in a creative way in exchange for a donation to Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). My fundraising page is here. (If you want to donate without dying in my novel, that’s fine too!)

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