New Tricks

Daniel has been in physical therapy to help with developmental delays and it’s started paying off. He can sit (if he wants to) Indian-style with very little help and we discovered yesterday that he’ll go forward, weight-bear on his feet, transfer his weight to the coffee table, and reach for things if he’s sitting on our laps on the floor. This latest trick is really good news because it’s a step toward walking.

Crawling-wise, he’s definitely creeping and hopefully should be crawling in the next couple weeks. We need to find a babygate wide enough to span the space in the kitchen to protect the cats’ litterboxes and food from him.

Another Brain Dump Entry

It’s 12:30 am and I can’t sleep. Part of it might have been not sleeping last night and then sleeping in until 2 this afternoon and part of it might be that my brain isn’t shutting up. So.. enjoy this entry which is the purgings of my brain.

[+] I’ve been in So Cal for about two weeks now. I’ve done things like get my California driver’s license, register to vote, get renter’s insurance, fight with the SSA over Daniel’s SSI (just don’t ask — it was an unpleasant experience), and all that. Part of me is trying not to get too comfy because this could just be a temporary thing. (Our “snuggery” is a month-to-month lease.) However, we may be here for awhile so I’m also trying to set down some roots.

[+] Unpacking “the snuggery” (as our abode is nicknamed) has been harder than expected because when I thought I had pared things down to bare essentials, I was quite wrong. I could probably have saved a coffee table but I also have waaaay too much for the kitchen and waaaay too much of Daniel’s stuff there. It’s been hard because so much needs to go back to my in-laws’ garage (where we’re storing things) and it’s a matter of sorting that all out.

[+] Daniel is cutting 4 teeth so I have a grumpy bear on my hands much of the time. He *did* take a nap today after having some Tylenol but I have no idea if he’ll wake up at 3 again or actually sleep through the night. I feel sorry for him — it has to be pretty painful.

[+] In addition to applying for every clerical job between here and Riverside, I also applied to work at Michael’s because it seemed like one of the few retail jobs that I’d actually enjoy. I can already envision myself helping customers find yarn things for projects and such. However, I did all the online app stuff and none of it means that I’m going to be hired. I’m trying not to put all my eggs in this one basket but it would be a pretty nice job.

[+] One of my in-laws’ neighbors/family friends needed a walking partner so my mother-in-law hooked us up. Our first night out was tonight and it was kind of nice to be the fast walker for a change since my stubby little legs usually make me lag behind.

[+] I’m pondering the thought of starting a pastor’s wife podcast. Any of my clergy spouse readers got any ideas?

[+] Please lift my father-in-law up in prayer because they’re trying to figure out what he has and he is in really serious pain. The C-word is definitely in the picture and it’s a matter of finding out which kind it is. We’ll probably get the diagnosis in a week but please pray for him and my mother-in-law in the meantime because the unknown of all of this is really terrifying for them.

[+] For some reason unbeknownst to me, I’m pondering the idea of a second child because something in me wants a little girl named Hannah Grace. Those who know me in real life know that this is a really BAAAAAD idea right now for several reasons. Firstly, this is not the time to be pregnant and needing stability and being in one place when things are kind of in flux. Secondly, it’s not financially beneficial as we’re covered by Jon’s insurance but pregnancy is expensive. Thirdly, my body is already giving up on me. Pregnancy would make that worse. Lastly, I’m in the MASSIVE HIGH RISK category for pregnancy after my experience last April. I’d be pretty much on 9-months of bed rest and that doesn’t work out with an 11 month old and the possibility of having to help take care of my father-in-law. I know my mother-in-law would help to the extent that she could, but the focus needs to be on my father-in-law right now, not me.

[+] I’m pondering the idea of getting a Celtic knot tattoo on my shoulder for my 30th birthday in May. Am I crazy?

Dispatches from the [Undisclosed Location]

I’ve been in my undisclosed location since Monday night (can we just say desperate need of R&R that I haven’t been able to have since before Daniel was born?) and it’s been good. I was able to have coffee with Abra (who is also Daniel’s godmother)and today, I was able to sit at Posh Bagel and have lunch while reading and people-watching. I’ve been able to go for walks, something that I can’t do in Montana because of the current weather as well as the lack of sidewalks and such and I’ve been able to enjoy being around my family — it’s the first time I’ve been “home” in 3 years.

This is all good stuff because after some respite, Jon and I will probably be filling out call papers to head wherever God wants us to go next. Meanwhile, we’re moving to southern California to be close to family, friends, and just in a civilized environment with things like specialists in fields that apply to us (i.e. psychiatry, rheumatology for me, and possibly perinatalogy). As much as I dislike southern California, it’s offering us things that we don’t have in Montana or even up north with my parents: childcare options that do not involve daycare (*insert explanation of preemies and daycare risks), friends OUR AGE with whom we can go do stuff, family… We’ll assess our needs for the next parish and I think it will be a better time for us if we can take this time out and be normal people for awhile instead of the strange category that we fall under as clergy and clergy spouse.