Life As A Mommy

I’ve been lax about blogging lately because I haven’t had enough brain cells to do it, or (like right now) I’m typing one-handed because I have the big-eyed boy in my arms. (OK… I could put on my Moby wrap but I haven’t had a chance.)

I haven’t been to church in at least a month so I’m not having any really decent faith revelations. I honestly wanted to see my baby more than I wanted to deal with people and to make it to two care times, I had to skip the 11:00 service at Church #2. I prayed a lot on the way down and I listened to religious podcasts but I broke the Sabbath. (OK… sort of. I caught a midweek service some of the time before my month-long drought.)

I haven’t been out much since Daniel came home because we’ve had to quarantine him due to his compromised immune system. (Preemies have crappy immune systems. Ask me how I know this.) I’m home most of the time. I watch a lot of news when I can’t sleep and I’ve kept up on the outside world that way. Otherwise, it’s been a lot of getting out to make trips to the dump or to do things like get prescriptions.

My life does revolve around Daniel right now. I keep a separate blog for his stuff (located here) because I’d rather keep this blog about me and not post that OMG-HE-HELD-HIS-HEAD-UP-TODAY!!!!!! Mommy-blogging can get annoying and I’m respecting that some of my audience doesn’t really want to know the minutae of Daniel’s bowel habits or motor skills. By the same token, it was good to have the Caringbridge site so I’ve got Daniel’s blog up for people who want to keep tabs on him that way.

In terms of world events, I have been following the elections in Iran and my Twitter icon is green to show support for Mousavi. I think Ahmadinejad is on crack for thinking that the US sparked the protests and that Mousavi’s popularity was a plot by Obama but he’s always been a little daft when it comes to factual things… much like our last administration and Fox News. (Yes, I had to throw that in.) I actually care more about Neda’s death than I do Michael Jackson’s death.

So… that’s my world right now.

Daniel Coming Home — What We Need for Those Who Asked

Daniel is coming home within the next week and there have been some of you who have asked what we need.


[+] We have a couple baby registries. If the item hasn’t been fulfilled, go for it!


[+] Gift cards for Albertsons or Target or Wal-Mart would be great so we can pick up formula and diapers.

[+] If you are someone we know in real life and in real time, call and ask if we need help with something. Chances are, we might like to have help with some cleaning, cooking, or just spelling us for a couple minutes so we can shower.

Thanks. 🙂

Pentecost Already?

Daniel was born the week before Easter. It is now Pentecost. Time is seriously flying!!!!

Daniel updates are here. Succinctly putting it, he’s doing well and growing like a weed.

I’m working three days a week and spending the rest of the time down in Great Falls with the big-eyed boy. I’m grateful that my company and my management is supportive of all of this and that I can even do this. Once Daniel gets out of the hospital, I’ll have 2-3 weeks of maternity leave left and then I’m going to have to figure out a schedule for work that allows Jon to do his church stuff and allows me to work while providing care for Daniel. Daycare is a bit of an issue because Daniel is such a preemie so it might be a bit “interesting”. I know there is some outrage in the community because OMG I’m not quitting my job to stay home with Daniel and be a mommy and I’m not even addressing those people. Working keeps me sane (strange as it sounds) and I think we can (hopefully) balance things out.

Jon’s call papers are in and the bites we had aren’t panning out. That’s all I’m wanting to say and all I think people need to know at the moment. It’s probably good that we’re not looking at moving before August 15th because trying to coordinate Daniel’s care and a move right now is a little more than we can handle. We’re hoping Jon gets a new call in the near future though I’m chill with staying put at the moment if that is what God is calling us to do. I’m just hoping that we don’t have people in Jon’s congregations that try to force the synod’s hand or decide that the best thing to do is put the screws to us — that’s about the worst thing that they can do.

Some people have asked how I’m doing. The answer: I’M DEAD EXHAUSTED. It’s hard having Daniel down in Great Falls and trying to balance my everyday life plus trips down here. Yesterday, I fell asleep around Brady on the drive home (Jon was driving — I wouldn’t drive if I wasn’t able to stay awake) and then just barely got my pajamas on before I collapsed into bed and fell asleep again. I slept too late to make it to a church service this morning (then again, I don’t think I’ve actually ATTENDED a Sunday service in 3-4 weeks — I go to a Eucharist service on Wednesday at noon in Great Falls) and as I’m sitting here, I’m STILL tired. I’m having to remind myself that I can only do what I can do and that I’m doing the best that I can with the hours I have in a day. The people who think I should be doing more than I am need to trade lives with me for a day!

How I’m Doing

Daniel’s updates can be found here.

My incision is almost healed and hopefully the steri-strips will fall off one of these days.Â? There seem to be no after-effects from the pre-eclampsia and everything seems to have unswelled and gotten back to normal except for my right hand — still having tingling in my fingers.Â? The only thing that hasn’t recovered is my energy level — I’m still really exhausted all the time but that’s to be expected, considering the c-section and how sick I was.

We’re two weeks into what could be an 8-10 week stay in the NICU.Â? We’re commuting back and forth right now though I’ll be staying down here for a few days this weekend while Jon is out of town.Â? We get 2-3 care times with Daniel though only one is hands-on, depending on how he’s doing and what needs to be done.Â? We’re getting church stuff and personal errands done in the morning before we head down and Jon is going to be home all day tomorrow to take care of house stuff while I come down on my own.Â? I’m just now allowed to drive and I’m hoping it goes well tomorrow.

Faith-wise, it was weird having all of this take place during Holy Week.Â? I wasn’t even thinking in terms of the Passion because I missed Palm Sunday and was in the hospital for everything else.Â? I slept through church on Easter Sunday because I just wasn’t up to being around people and I had also just gotten out of the hospital the evening before.Â? It’s been really trying on my spirit though what I haven’t done is ask WHY.Â? It just doesn’t seem like a question that I want answered at the moment.Â? I know that I’m much more grateful for what I have each day and I’m living the admonition in Matthew 6:34 about not worrying about tomorrow because today has its own issues.

Please keep praying for us.Â? We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers as they have helped tremendously.